Beauty waters commonly known as ‘face mists’ or ‘beauty mists’ have become increasingly popular. I’ve joined the bandwagon and become completely obsessed with using them. Beauty waters have been around for years on end, think the Evian  facial spray. Anyhow, I still haven’t been able to get my hands on this. Apparently it’s available in the UK, but it’s blind to me I think. Caudalie which I’ll talk about below created the revolution and added a few skin  friendly ingredients such as Glycerin, Botanical Extracts, and essential oils. 
I’d never heard of this brand until I tried this beauty water. It turns out that Institut Est Hederm is where all the Dermologica Therapist train. Back to the product, Did you know that Cellular Water is a replica of the water found in our skin?  This means it replicates the skins own naturally occurring water, therefore your skin cells recognizes it, and absorbs it. It is delightfully balanced in mineral salts and trace elements, therefore means the energy within the skin is replenished. I always feel refreshed when I spray it. The added bonus to this is that it has anti ageing properties. It’s a change to have a beauty water that doesn’t actually smell of anything, but weirdly enough it smells like water. Err what does water smell like?. If your an unscented kind of girl then go for this one.  I’m not particularly fond of the packaging, because I think I could clumsily pick it and spray it in my hair.

2. Caudalie’s ‘Eau de Beaute’ Beauty Elixir 100ml

Ah the true pioneers of the beauty water revolution, this is where it all started guys! Caudalie went the extra mile by offering an actual treatment that aids the smoothness of those early signs of fine lines, tightens pores and gives the complexion an instant boost of radiance. What I love about this product is the infusion of scents. It contains grape, rosemary and peppermint oil, which are acne fighting ingredients . The scent is gorgeous. I’ll describe it as quite herbal-y with a and slightly minty aroma with orange blossoms and rose. It’s just so calming on the skin. All my scent loving girls, this is yours.
This face mist is very different to the other mists. The focus of this mist is hydration and radiance. The main ingredients are with hylauronic acid, pineapple water and rose flower water. In comparison to the Cadalie mist, its fruitier than  the Caudalie mist, with the rose and pineapple really coming through. What makes this beauty water stand out from others is the spray. What I found amazing about  this spray is the nozzle, it’s far more amazing than anything I’ve used. It delivers an ultra fine, light mist. Oh, any natural product lovers out there, it’s 99% natural also.

4. MAC Fix + 100ml

When I was first introduced to setting sprays, I was told MAC Fix+ was the answer. I’m sure you know about this product but if you don’t it is a skin refresher/finishing mist. It’s just like the others as it can be applied before makeup to give you a dewy finish or after makeup to stop the attack of the fake bake cake look. The ingredients include Water, Glycerin, Cucumber Fruit Extract, Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Extract, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Caffeine. Since the introduction of the other face mists, this one has kind of sat on the back burner with no intention of being used anytime soon. Sadly I’m over it, but if you’re starting out, and don’t want to splash out then you can begin with this.
Alternatively, If like me you have a bunch of crazy friends, and one of them begins to act up or be irrational due to a change in their relationship status, just ambush them with a spray of hydration. Once their state of shock of being attacked by the drench of freshness and radiance trust me they’ll thank you, if not send them to this post haha
3 Ways To Use Beauty Mists

1. Beneath your moisturizer
 After you step out the shower, its best to be slightly damp before you moisturize your skin. This helps lock in moisture. If you do this to your face you can achieve healthy, moisturized skin. At first I thought it was a pile of rubbish, however I was utterly surprised when my face didn’t feel as tight as it used to. I’m sure like me its a habit to dry your face with your towel. When you have had a dried your face, just before you moisturize, spray a few quirts over your face, then add your products. I’m sure you’ll feel the difference.
2. To achieve a dewy make up look
With the warmer months get closer, our make up routine changes.   Achieving that beachy glowy sun kissed look is now in high demand. Rather than run to the closest department store nearest to you; sprits  your favorite beauty mist either on your face, or on your brush, and see the magic appear before your eyes. Dewy skin in two ticks!

3. To stop your makeup looking powdery

When I see cakey makeup my eyes feel utterly offended as they despise  look of a powdery, makeup. The best way to reduce the chalky look is my taking your facial mist (preferably a hydrating one), and spray a few squirts on your face after you have applied powder, and let it dry. Hold is a few centimeters away from your face, unless you’re going for the drenched look. You will see that the powder will absorb into the skin, and look more like your skin and less like makeup. 

Do you use a beauty water/mist? (Which one?)



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