I love to eat! Eating is something I like to count as a sport because I get extra excited when I’m trying a new restaurant. Its like I’ve scored a goal. I thought I’d share with you a restaurant  that I tried some time last week called The Folly. It’s based in the city, Gracechurch Street to be exact; just a stone throw away from monument station. The Folly is decorated like a secret, so I felt like I was outside even though it was quite the opposite. I fell instantly in love with the eclectic and boho-chic feel of the eatery. The stone-esque floors and pattern play, paired with earthy tones draws together a fusion of freshness.
I just love how the menu has pegs on them. It gives it that great outdoors feel. 

I met up with an old study buddy Uni friend, who just landed himself a brand new job in a hedge fund. We giggled about the Uni days, and how little we had compared to now. It’s so great to see progress. We began our evening with gorgeous marinated olives from puglia (not pictured). They were sooo tasty I totally forgot to snap them.
We moved on to the skillet of prawns with green, chili, garlic and lime, served with mini flat bread.  It was tasty, You could really taste the burst of flavour especially with the lime, but I’m just not sure that I appreciated the prawn’s head still being attached; it’s just my preference.

This is weird to talk about but the toilets were gorgeous. Check out the centre piece.

As a main we both went for burgers and a portion of chips to share. The chips were humongous, and chunky!  Weird fact: I love crispy potato skin! The skin was delicate and crispy.

Check out the size of the wedge! We had a cheeky sweet potato, which was a lovely surprise. My friend didn’t know there was sweet potato, as he was stuffed from the wedges we shared, so I immediately shared it with him so he wouldn’t miss out on the party my mouth was about to encounter.

My friend had the beefburger with tomato and baby gem lettuce with mayo and pickled gherkins. He was pretty quiet throughout his meal. I took a bite, of the burger; I totally got why he was silent. The burger was full of flavour. The texture was great! Sweet and beefy, made just right.

As a salmon lover, it was a given that that’s what I’ll order. To be precise, in front of me was a roasted teriyaki Atlantic salmon burger with pickled cucumber. Personally I think it should have had a little more flavour, especially if its teriyaki. The added salt and pepper helped massively. I found it quite difficult to eat, perhaps due to my restrictive mouth size lol. I had to cut it up into pieces as you would for a baby. Typical Wande ha!
By this point we were stuffed! Dessert was still on the menu though. I ordered the creme brulee with toffee chucks. My friend ordered a chocolate brownie with ice cream. We were too stuffed to remember what they were actually called. The desserts were divine! We spent a long time babbling and eating, that we missed the bar downstairs. Next time, I’ll definitely head down to it.

Do let me know if you would like posts like this. I adore writing them.
Restaurant details and location
41 Gracechurch Street,
Have or will you try The Folly?



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