Hey lovelies, how was your bank holiday weekend? Mine was pretty quiet, I headed to the park to have a catch up with a girlfriend. We spoke about everything from boys (as you do), love, travel, and being strong. It was great! I did a massive spring clean over the bank holiday weekend too, and got rid of 75% of my makeup, and a further 10% of my clothes. It was tough, but I had to be real with myself. 
Speaking of being real, life can throw just about anything at you, and I realized have to stay on top of it, you need to have a strong backbone, (If you don’t have one; create it), or it will swallow you up. I got pretty down over the last few months, as my life wasn’t necessary heading in the direction I wanted it to. I’m quite a positive person, but being down for that long made me not want to share how I was feeling, with anyone. Some how people saw through my pensive face.
I’m going to stress to both you and I, daily self motivation is important because, if you don’t think that you’re the best thing since slice bread, then no one will. Trust me it can sometimes get tough in this crazy world, and the winds are strong, so don’t let it take you where ever it likes. Stand strong OK! It may sound slightly arrogant but its the undeniable truth. It feels great to tackle things that I thought were problems. I let everything pile up, friendships that weren’t working out, annoying family members, and  people telling you how you live your life. Once you’ve nipped it in the bud then you’re good to go; you think goodness, it was this small things getting me down. Believe you me running away from it doesn’t help in the slightest, because it doesn’t go away, so if you leave it to get you down, then you’re only giving the problem ammunition to consume you. 
I feel happy, set free, and refreshed, and this continual refreshment, shall keep both you and I going.
I hope this helped you in some way, shape or form. 

When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile.



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