Last week I went to Newcastle for a business tripp and to explore the city. Something new to try I guess. I was a little skeptical at first, as spending Valentine’s Day in an unfamiliar city wasn’t something that was planned. There is always a first time for everything.
It was the most hectic day ever, just before our flight we had a video shoot for a client, then straight after we had to head to the airport for our flight to Newcastle. Flight seems a bit extreme, but when your pressed for time, it was the only option, unless we can physically fly.
The first thing we did when we got to our hotel was to order room service, and get some food down us. Although it was freezing in Newcastle, nothing was more cooling that ice cream. I had Thai Green Curry, oohh it was so tasty. I literally dozed off after.

Valentines day was cute, we did a bit of work, and then we lounged around and enjoyed each others company, whilst room service was on speed dial. How I forgot my camera ūüôĀ check my instagram for photos of the day.¬†

The people are extra friendly, and enjoy having a laugh. I have no idea what we were doing lol.
A friend of ours encouraged us to go to Quayside and visit the Jim Shaw exhibition, so the next day, that exactly what we did. His work is so inspiring! We spent hours there just starring at his work, and a new piece of art revealed itself each time. When all you can draw is stickmen, it was just breathtaking to see real art.

These cylinders of art were amazing! Each one telling a new story.

We strolled around. hours just starring at the skyline and taking in the air whilst I snapped away with the camera.  Some time later we got into a  car to see more of the city but this time we were staying warm.
We headed back to Quayside to see what¬†restaurants¬†could entice us. As it was a day after Valetine’s day, most of the¬†restaurants¬†still had a valentines day theme. I dont remember the name of the restaurant but it was beautiful inside carefully decorated with roses.
My drink was delish! It was infused with lime, pineapple and coconut. One sip whisked my mind away to a tropical island.
Shrimp, spinach and pasta, were the main embellishment of my meal, which went down like a treat.
We had such a fab time that we decided to check into the Hilton Hotel, closer to the airport, and spend one more full day exploring newcastle.



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