Thank you so much for the lovely comments I received on my last post both here and on instagram. Speaking of lovely comments, I am completely overwhelmed by the response from my valentines video, see it here. You guys are the best! Aren’t you glad its the weekend? Last week or so when the unexpected snow hit, I headed down to my nearest drugstore to get these products. It’s a must to protect your skin from the harsh and bitingly cold weather.
1. Bio Oil
Raving about Bio Oil just seems to be a never ending story for me. I totally adore putting oil and my skin completely hydrates and moisturizes my skin. Not to mention it reduces the blemishes and scars. A few drop of this in your bath water does wonders for your skin. Baby butt smooth skin anyone?

Available: here

2. Blistex Intensive Moisturiser Lip Cream

If it wasn’t for this Blistex product, I can confess that I would have no lips at all! They would have fallen off due to dryness.The feeling of this product my lips is incredibly moisturising   The scent is quite minty so it has a slight tingly feeling, which I’ve always been a fan of. It doesn’t have that not so tasteful gloppy, sticky, lipgloss texture. Its actually very creamy not greasy. The best way to apply this is wet your lips with water, then apply straight after. The moisture lasts for way longer. I use this product day and night before but be careful putting it on in the day as it can leave a white tinge. Please use a mirror. I really like the applicator as it makes applying easy, the ridges in the aplicator feels like im giving my lips a little massage. Overall great product, and does the job with class.

Available: here

3. Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Moisturising Body Oil
Another product that is bath tub friendly is the Palmers Cocoa Butter Formular Moisturizing Body Oil. This oil is a Godsend. I couldn’t be more thankful for any other product.  Pour in 1-2 caps of the oil under running water. I poured around 3 as my body loves oils. Whilst your bathing your body gets the benefits of the oil immediately. No special effort is needed to rub it in to your skin as relaxing in your tub will absorb the oil. The chocolate-y scent always puts thoughts in my head to taste it, or a few dropping in a cupcake; clearly the smell gets to my head.

Available: here

4. Blistex Relief Cream

I absolutely adore this little wonder and its without a doubt a staple in my winter skincare routine. Hydration for my lips is the epitome of this product. It gets rid of dry, cracked, sore feeling in a matter of minutes. Just like its sister product it smells quite minty/menthol-y. I don’t usually talk about packaging but this one is just ridiculous. If your finger pressure is a little to much, the product will release itself for days on end, even when closed. The cream just ends up being in the lid, how annoying. As I’ve been using it a while I’ve mastered the art of keeping product wastage at bay. 

Available: here
What are you skin saviours?



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