As it’s the month of love,  I decided to show you a few hot cloth cleansers that will give your skin the tender love and care it needs. Ever since I tried my first hot cloth cleanser, about eight years ago now, I instantly became obsessed. I went on a mission to try every hot cloth cleanser I could find, and whittle it down to these fab five. Oh before I forget, just a little disclaimer: for someone who is reluctant about spending time in the mornings and evenings on their skin care routine, then this may not be for you I’m afraid. These cleansers are for skincare lovers who have made their routine a ritual. Before I dive into the hot cloth cleanser reviews, please note they each come free with a handy muslin cloth. 
This hot cloth cleanser made my skin feel softThe rich creamy texture removed every ounce of makeup. One thing that caught my eyes nose was the scent, it’s divine; almonds to be exact. As someone who has dry skin this product is thick and creamy, and moisturizing too. If you want to try out hot cloth cleansers I’d say start with this. It’s purse-friendly.
Before trying this, this product was all the rage at one point. However when I got hold of it my first impressions were mixed. For starters, I wasn’t a fan of the size of muslin cloth, it just so tiny in comparison to my face, and I have a small face. Perhaps I’d been spoilt by other brands with their luxuriously soft woven large cloths.  The product is a rich white cream which contains beeswax, chamomile, and hemp oil. The scent of this is completely different to the  Superdrug one. I’d say it it smells a bit earthy/herby if you get my drift. 

This is the only natural hot cloth cleanser I came across in my search. This cleanser has something over the others in the way it melts your makeup. All my layers of make up were removed in one go however I really missed the double and sometimes triple cleansing that accompanies my normal regimen. As you girls know, you can never be too sure that all that makeup is gone. It contains essential oils such as orange, clary, sage, and rose geranium. This helped my skin feel refreshed resulting in a slightly clearer complexion. The added oils make it a perfect match if you want something really rich and moisturizing. Cocoa butter, the sweet scent of almonds and coconut had me lost in thoughts of a hot summer holiday on a Caribbean island all while smelling the tube. Sometimes I left the cleanser on for a few extra minutes just for the smell. This is by far my favourite.

I generally do not like buying into things just because of the hype. All in the name of research, I just had to buy it. The texture isn’t as thick as the others, but still does the job exceedingly well as a makeup remover. I’ve seen some online ads that they brand themselves as a natural skin care company but they do use some chemicals in their products. Speaking of chemicals it contains alcohol, which can be drying to the skin. For someone with dry skin like myself it wasn’t as moisturizing as other the hot cloth cleansers. Despite it not being as moisturizing, it wasn’t drying to my skin, this could be due to the beeswax, eucalyptus essential oil,  glycerin and cocoa butter. My personal preference is that when I moisturize my face, I like to feel the product be absorbed into my skin.
This cleanser takes me back to the moment when I first tried it. This was the first hot cloth cleanser that I ever used. I was totally blown away by this method of cleansing. The texture is very different to the other hot cloth cleansers. It has a thick, but a waxy consistency; I’d go on to say its even oily which is a godsend for all your dry skin worries. There are tiny granules in it which lightly exfoliate the skin as I cleanse. This removes all traces of makeup wherever I applied it even on the eyes without any irritationAhh! I just adore that silky soft smooth feeling that gives me. The oils and cocoa butter provide light hydration. The scent is distinct with hues of cloves, fruitcake, and grapes. It’s a little odd but it reminds me of medicine; it’s ever so slight and but bearable.  The scent doesn’t loiter or overwhelm, but it’s definitely there.

It comes packaged in a white plastic tub with a screw-top lid, I’m not a fan of this as you’ll  forever need to wash your hands before immersing your claws into it. I’d say that this by a million miles is the most luxurious feeling cleanser on the skin, but I for one (as a skincare junkie enthusiast) am not impressed with the the ingredient list due to the mineral oil, and it containing five different paraben-based preservatives. It’s the priciest of the bunch, so I only use it when I’m caked in makeup e.g. filming.

Have you used hot cloth cleansers before?



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