Hey Loves,

How is your week going? I totally know this is a few days late, but as some of you have asked what I’ve been up to I thought I’d spill. As per usual my week was pretty hectic. I went to see Django Unchained (again) and I just totally loved the movie! As it’s still cold, I made sure to wrap up warm. Have you seen it?

I’ve started back on insanity again, this is my third time now. I’ve done all the weight lost I want, so now it’s strictly about toning up, plus I need to get my butt back as it vanished. : / I’ve also started drinking smoothies in the morning too, oh its so refreshing after a workout. If you want a few recipes let me know, I am happy to share.

As a massive fan of tech, I finally a proud owner of iPhone 5. I’ve soo busy it’s literally sat in the box. I cant wait to get it up and running. I ‘m sure I’ll be using it for my vlogs now; speaking of vlogs I’ve made a vlogging channel, and I have footage to edit and upload. I will share in the next post. 

On the weekend I visited Hillsong and went to Ping Pong with a few girlfriends for a catch up on life. I totally love that place and believe you me Sundays are the best days to go! It’s all you can eat for about £20. The girls and I ordered everything on the menu. It was an evening full of love, fun and laughter!

Oh before I forget I also got my hair done, two weeks ago, I went to my usual spot Honey Hand. Hannah gave me a side part and did a great job, and I feel fabulous again. 🙂

What better way to end the week than to stay up and watch my sister Beyonce perform for the Superbowl. I’m literally still recovering from the amazement that my eyes viewed! Tickets are going on sales for her Mrs. Carter Tour too, I think I may just need to get me one. What did you think of the performance? Are you a Bey fan?

That’s pretty much how my week panned out friends. 

How was your week?



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