This weekend was one the greatest and most relaxing weekends ever. Considering I had the most stressful couple of weeks, a spa weekend with friends is just what I needed. On Saturday afternoon, I skipped along down to the The Grange Hotel in St. Paul’s for a spa weekend with my friend Laura; whom was celebrating her birthday. We planned this a few weeks ago, and would you believe I totally forgot about it, up until last week. Workaholic anyone?

We met up for drinks, and a quick chat at the bar before checking in. We stayed in a twin suite which was absolutely gorgeous, and very relaxing! 

Laura and I completely collapsed on our extra soft double beds! We could have literally fallen asleep there!
As you do, we checked out the bathroom which was very nice and modern. The star of the show was the extra hi-tech easy to use shower. I didn’t get a chance to snap it as we wanted slip into our swimwear and head down to go down to the jacuzzi.
Laura being silly and trying on my hat. Amanda’s face in the background! Priceless haha
We arrive down at the jacuzzi only to find that it was out of order 🙁 We went in the swimming pool,  sauna and steam room instead, up until it was time for our massages.

I had a back massage at the Ajala Spa, which was incredible; I just wish it lasted a little longer than 45 mins. I felt very relaxed after, and my joint didn’t feel so stiff. We headed back to our suite; showered and got dressed for dinner, where more of Laura’s guests arrived.

Before I go on to dinner I just have to let you know that shower was 100% amazing! The water came from every direction, and it was just so easy to use. Hands down that was the best shower of all time.

Located beneath the Atrium’s lofty glass ceiling, the Novello Restaurant is where we headed for our 7:30 reservation. Dinner was impeccable! So tasty, and well presented.
Amanda’s Prawn Cocktail

T’was enticed by the white chocolate syrup, only to find out its in the chocolate cake : Quickly I changed my dessert choice to Crème Brûlée, and a happy bunny I was.

How kind of the Novello Restaurant to suprise Laura with a little sweet treat?

I was completely stuffed from dinner, that I only had a few bites of my dessert and gave it away. Now I never give away desserts but in this instance, I just had too! I was so full I literally went back to our suite and fell asleep, whilst the others partied the night away. 

It was such a nice surprise to find that the shower has been cleaned, whilst we were at dinner, and the bed’s prepped for us to hop right in with no fuss. 

Woke up, and headed down to breakfast, and oh my was it a feast. I’m sure you can tell I lurrvvee mushrooms! Ha! To still try and maintain a healthy diet, a large portion of fruit didn’t go a miss.

Overall I had a fabulous stay, I’ve stayed at The Grange Hotel before but at The Grange City Hotel, however I totally prefer the The Grange Hotel St. Pauls, as the customer service is 110% amazing and everything is so modern.

Laura and I plan to do this again pretty soon! For those of you wondering we got this amazing deal for £150 on spabreaks.com which included the 45 mins massage, access to jacuzzi, steam room and sauna, dinner, and all-you-can-eat breakfast. Now that’s what I called a bargain! This would cost over £350 if we booked it separately.
Thank you The Grange Hotel for a FAB spa weekend.

How was your weekend?



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