Like millions of people around the world, we’ve started the new year, with a new mind, a new heart, new aspirations, and new goals. I think 90% of us fail miserably, (don’t quote me on that). Why?! Lifestyle changes are what triggers resolutions, but discipline is what makes them a habit.  As human we are naturally lazy genes! Who would of thought? Lol! Did you know it takes 30 days to create a habit? Well now you do 🙂 If you can do something consistently for a month, you’re more than likely to do it forever.

Our Smartphones are already overused with WhatsApp, Skype, Angry Birds, Temple Run, and Instagram. I thought why not use our Smartphones to help achieve our new years resolutions and goals. I know what your thinking? Yes! Cleverness runs in my family! 😛 I found a few apps to help us to stick to our new years resolutions. Most of the apps I talk about are available on the iPhone, I’m not sure about other Smartphones, sorry.

I’m going to let you in on my new years resolutions and the apps I’ve downloaded to help me achieve them, so here it goes.

1. Spiritual Growth
As a lover of the website, its easy, clean website that allows you to read the Bible with a ton of useful resources to help your spiritual growth. They have an app which is amazing! I have a daily reading plan, that encourages me. Perfect! Just what I need. Search Biblegateway in the app store. 

2. Productivity
If like me one of your resolutions is to do more, or manage your time better. Planning how your going to get stuff done is half the work done. Search for the app Timetable in the app store. You can thank me later 🙂

3. Fitness
This is pretty much everyone’s new years resolution, so I’ve gone a little app crazy and downloaded quite a few apps. If you need a lot of motivation I suggest downloading Diet Bet or Gympact. In a nutshell you get paid to work out, and lose money on days that you don’t. If mula isn’t motivation, then I don’t know what is. Now lets say you want to lose weight, but you really want to do it with someone, so you can keep each other motivated. However you and your friends diary dates clash. There’s an app call Fitocracy! The community and support is beyond belief. I signed up, joined a few groups, but didn’t record any workout activities. I got emails, messages asking why I haven’t worked out, like your friend would. The more workouts you do, the more point you get! I’m really going to love this app. If you’re planning to run a marathon or something; there are apps dedicated to running such as RunKeeper and Nike Running. When I build up stamina, and my legs finally decide to accept the exercise then this app will help me!

4. Healthy Eating
80% of loosing weight is what you eat. Now if 2012 was full of chocolates, and cakes. Then transitioning to a new healthy eating plan can be a struggle. Finding recipes can be tricky, but with the world at your finger tips, anything is possible. My favourite apps at the moment are Raw Food, Healthy Recipes, Meal Kick, GB Diet, and my favourite is South Beach Diet.

5. Travel
Travelling is a big part of most of our lives, whether its local travel or international travel, it always seems to take centre stage. For London travel I love using the following apps; Tube Map, Train Times, Bus Times, Get Taxi, Addision Lee and Google Maps (I’m soooo glad its back!)

6. Finance
Managing my mula is something that I’ve actually gone better at over the years, but I can’t take all the credit if it wasn’t for the Natwest app, Paypal App, and Bills Monitor apps, I  think I may be bankrupt with my unhealthy shopping obsession.

7. Books

Since I have finished university, which feels like ages ago now. I’ve always wanted to make sure that I’m always learning. As education doesn’t end in the classroom, books is a good way to keep your brain working. The best apps for this is the Kindle and Audible app. You might need your nerd glasses once you’re hooked.

8. Language

I only have one app for learning a new language, which is called Translate, although it’s on my phone, it’s not something that I have explored so it may just be something that you have to  let me know how it works. 

What are your favourite apps?



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