I was pleasantly invited to attend the Next blogger event a few weeks ago. They just launched this years Christmas beauty collection at the Hemple Hotel in London. As someone who is currently liking their makeup palette from last season, I was looking forward to the new products about to launch. I was kindly greeted by the lovely girls at the door along with a class of champagne, which I didn’t resist. 

The atmosphere was lovely and bubbly with other bloggers discuss the new launches, and favourite products. I got the whole works done, a massage, eyebrows threading, and nail painting. The massage was so fab! Throughout the night, nibbles were waited to the guests, which were cute mini portions of what I’d like to call dinner. Fish and chips were served so I was well fed.

Lets get on to the products, The Tale of Four Cities range’s concept is based around the most popular cities in the world: London, New York, Paris and Milan. My favourite was London which had a has a sweet rose smell as roses, very British I’d say. The range includes candles, and body lotions.

Overall, I had a fab time, met some new bloggers and I was gifted with a goodie bag which includes the Spa Sugar Scrub, which I had my eye on; so cant wait to try it and report back.

Have you tried any products from Next?



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