If you’ve followed me for a while you’ll know I just cant seem to get the hang of wearing false lashes, as sexy as they are. So lash extension seems to be in the only option. As Jinny Lash was doing a half price sale, I just had to take up the opportunity.

Jinny Lash, is a lash salon neatly tucked just off Oxford Street. They offer a range of services which include semi permanent lashes, temporary, strips lashes, and lash curling and tinting. I was greeted by the lovely lady, who I instantly connected with who shared her unhealthy obsession with lash with me; said she’s totally addicted, and I will be too. Oh she was so right.

I was a little nervous in regards to what length I should get, as I didnt want to resemble the TOWIE cast members, but something I could take from day to night with a few coats of mascara. I got the half set lashes with longer lashes added at the end for a sultry look.

The process is quite a long but relaxing process. Imagine applying false lashes, lash by lash. The whole process was about 1 hour or so but really relaxing especially with their soothing music playing; so soothing I thought I’d be flipped over for a massage ha!

I’m so sure this is going to be my new obsession, as I already booked my next session and want them a little longer and fuller.

At the end of the tratment, I was advised not to play with the lashes and let them set in. I was also informed now that I should stay away from excessive heat eg saunsa and use oil free makeup remover. She also mentioned something about the type of mascara, but as soon as she mentioned that Jinny Lash did the perfect mascara for my lashes, I was sold, and got it.

The down fall of lash extensions is that you cant wear liquid liner above your lash line but it nothing that gel liner cant fix.

When I left I thought that my lashes didnt look dramatically different, apart from the wispy ends but as soon as I added two coats of the Jinny Mascara, it was hello sexy sultry eyes.

Would you get lash extensions?



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