One thing that I am completely obsessive over is….you guessed it… my eyebrows. Its the one thing that frames the face! If you’ve watched my eyebrow routine video, then you would know that it was me and MAC Spiked to the end of time.

I’ve always been afraid of using powder products to fill in my eyebrows because…well you’ll never know when someone will sneeze and your eyebrows go with it. I know it sounds silly but its always been a fear of mine. When you open a powder product, be it eyeshadow or pressed powder it always goes everywhere… see my logic now; I’m not crazy trust me lol.
Anywho, I’ve been using the HD brow kit for a few months now, (the old one; remember the big size it came in) and I’ve really been liking it, but the new small compact version is slightly better packaged because now its available to you as per eye brow colour as apposed to having the whole kit. 

The shade I’ve been using is called Vamp, which is for the people with dark brows. In all honestly I wasn’t too sure that the shade of brown that I used from the original palette matched the shade from the new and improved HD kit, so I was very reluctant to use it. I held it up in all possible lighting situations and swatched too, to make sure it was perfect.
Low and behold my original palette is almost finished, I forced myself to use it. What on earth was I afraid of, its much better, and it has a slight of red in the undertone.The powder has a nice staying power, and doubles up as an eyeshadows, if your a fan of matte shadows. 

Have you tried the HD Brow Kit?



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