In a few hours its gonna be the weekend end! Personally after this week, I just want to head down to Brighton, (the closest thing to a beach in south east England) and  back flip into the water to cool off, not that I can backflip.

Still got your summer holiday booked? This post is just for you! It’s actually the best time to shop for bikinis, because that’s when most of it is on sale. You should know by now that I only shop in the sale, so this is like Christmas for me.

One of my favourite places to buy bikinis from is Bravissimo, I just love that store. Their bikinis are the perfect fit for us ladies who have an odd back to tatas ratio.

If your a bikini lady like me, here a few of my new purchases, my favourite has to be number 2.

         1: Papaya Bikini                          2: Callisto Bikini                          3: Portobello Stripe Bikini

Ok so maybe your not a bikini kinda girl, thats fine, not everyone is. Bravissimo has a variety of swimsuits for your body. Although I didnt get any of the swimsuits, the third one is my favourite.
      1: Offshore Halterneck             2: Carabero Swimsuit                3: Paradise Halterneck
What’s your favourite swimwear?



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