If yesterdays 27 degrees weather didn’t knock you out, then clearly your not human. I pretty much fell asleep on the staircase in home, would you believe it? I never fail to surprise myself with my weird and wonderful attributes. This week has been so much fun, I was like a kid at a candy store. The below picture was of me going to church.
This has been my solution to breakfast on the go! Oh Rachel you’ve stopped my early morning stomach grumbles.
Me being totally silly, nothing new there ha!
I went to a restaurant called Champor Champor, neatly tucked away from the hustle and bustle of London Bridge. If your a fan of their Thai-Malaysian food, then you’ll love this. Their only downfall is that their menu lacks variety, but it is gorgeous food nontheless. I had the Grilled king prawn; roasted aubergine, cumin and mayonnaise salsa for a starter and Grilled Seabass for my main, along with Green tea pistachio parfait for my naughty dessert.

On my way to a meeting with my stunners on, thank you to everyone who said that they thought they suited me! Thanks a bunch! x
I love being around Hoxton/Shoreditch! It’s so urban and cool! Something that I’m not ha! But you do get to breathe in another sense of life and style as I like to say. This picture was snapped on the way to eat. (Sounds like I’m always eating right? I promise I’m not)
In Shoreditch, I found myself at another restaurant, (not the same day as the above). It’s quite a popular one –Busaba Eathai. I went for something simple – breaded prawns and a salad.
After a long long LONG day, I took a peaceful drive through Tower Bridge. As my legs failed me.
Saturday Morning was the day of a friends wedding, I was so excited and happy for them!
Gosh I’m getting old. I’ll upload my wedding attire tomorrow, however my makeup was quite simple.
How was your week?



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