At first I thought I put on weight, because the scales were ticking over the 10st 7llbs (my current weight). As I’ve been focusing on toning, I thought it was due to that. However I know that my eating over the last few weeks were naughty. I blame the sun lol.

With fab weather over the last few weeks, ice cream were literally jumping down my throat. I promise that I had nothing to do with it, blame my ice cream magnet, my stomach. 

Well I knew my body needed a detox, but I’m not the one to sit and consume a ton of fruits in hopes of a good detox. I decided to do a 5 day detox to really cleanse my system out! 

Soulmatefood is about being healthy, inside and out. Gourmet, delicious and nutritious meals and snacks prepared specifically for you, delivered to your home or office for 24/7 healthy eating, without the hassle.

The detox is very simple to follow, just drink each numbered drink every two hours alongside water. It’s as simple as that. 

I do feel cleansed, and dont feel as sluggish as I did a few weeks ago. I’m full of life, and full of energy again! 
In total I lost 5llbs, but I’m so sure I could of lost more.

Well I didnt stick to it in its entirety. On two occasions I went out for dinner, however I was very careful in with what I ate, apart from Friday 🙁 I really should of plan properly when I did this detox) 
It may be considered as a little pricey, however if your non stop on the go woman (or man if your reading this too) then its a perfect solution.

The food is delivered to your door at night, so in the morning, I literally brought it the large package, removed the ice packd, put them in the fridge, grab bottles label 1-6 and was out the door.

I know some of you are wondering if its tasty, my favourites were:

  • Juice 2: Vitality ( I could drink this forever)
  • Juice 3 Berry Active
  • Juice 5: Tropical
If your interested in doing the detox, visit 



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