I’m sitting here typing this a little late, but if there’s anything that doesn’t make sense, I’m currently typing with my eyes fixated on the Olympics Closing Ceremony, and reading my timeline, which is hysterically funny at the moment!   

My best part was Spice Girls, although they were only on for 10 seconds! I felt like a 10 year old again!
Source: Gurdian
This week has been a great week for me, a lot of self discovery, and slowly getting back into the routine of blogging! Yay!!!
Managed to get some filming done, so have a look out for a few videos. I’ve posted my very late July favourites video!
I started a detox last week, which I loosely stuck to, but will be doing a post on that next week!

I visited Giraffe Restaurant in the week, with a few other bloggers like. I was craving shrimp! Currently I am addicted!

I had a date in the week, and got to see Josh Kumra live which was great. He’s such a talented artist. Oh and here’s what I wore 

We’ve had fabulous weather in London, I mean 27 degrees! I was so tempted to wear a bikini, but unfortunately for London we don’t have any local beaches! Just pavements *sigh*

The weather always makes me feel like a tourist, so I always like to explore parts on London, that are not on my usual travels. Below is a photo of St Pauls Cathedral.

Did you get up to anything fun?



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