Since I’ve (not intentionally) been doing weekly round-ups of my week, I thought I’d give them a name: Wande Weekly. They’ll mainly be on Sundays – if I haven’t collapsed on my bed before the start of the following week.

We have sunshine in London, yaaaaaaay! Do you know how happy this makes me! All my super bright clothes get to come out and play! I hope Mr. Weatherman wasn’t telling fibs about the anticipated amazing weather next week;  it better not be a lie!

I’ve gone a whole week without blogging (not something I’m proud of). 
I’ve been so humbled, excited, overwhelmed, and busy with life that I haven’t had a chance to blog. Don’t worry, I’ll fill you in – ok let’s rewind to last weekend:
I mentioned in one of my previous posts that I was going to the Afrobeats Carnival; it was so much fun, I really enjoyed myself!  It was sooo much fun, for a second I felt like I was in my home land Nigeria.
It wasn’t your usual muddy festival, in fact in took place at Somerset House: the home of London Fashion Week (which is just round the corner).
By the time Sunday landed, I was sooo syked up. I was involved in a TV show (well a TV pilot). It’s going to take the form of ITV’s Loose Women, and E!’s Fashion Police. As soon as it airs I’ll let you know. I was sooooo nervous, when am I not but I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Due to my shenanigans of crazy client luncheons and dinners during the week, I chilled this weekend with some cookies and 50 Shades of Grey. To increase my fitness over the weekend, I had a personal training session today (Sunday) so I’m aching like crazy.

So that’s been my week….

How has your weekend been? Do tell!



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