A few weeks ago I attended a mini fashion show which I instagrammed about. The clothes were fab but I couldn’t help thinking, how would it look on me?

Body image is the number one topic amongst us girls (followed my men). It seems like no one is happy with their body; there’s always something we want to change. We’re always looking for a quick fix, or the new slimming gimmick on the market. On the flip side, we don’t seem to have the same enthusiasm for joining a gym or jumping on the exercise band wagon.

I’m actually trying to be more fit and healthy, but it’s going to take time before my body moulds into the shape I’ve imagined. I’ve lost a little weight but still have a way to go. *sigh*

Can’t I just go under the knife??  Although it seems like the easiest option, it’s not always and many things can go wrong. I’m not against surgery – I’ll even admit that I’ve thought about liposuction (especially around my legs and belly)  but  the procedure is not that simple, and my bank account doesn’t agree (just yet).

If going under the knife is your thing, thorough research is needed because the last thing you’d want is to leave the surgeons room with three hips (or a six pack that reaches your thighs). I’ve seen horrifying documentaries of lipo gone wrong.

If you’re like me and don’t have a money tree in your back garden, the best way to shed weight is eat right and exercise. It’s not really rocket science; consistency is the key! 

Would you go under the knife?



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