On saturday, I met up with a close friend to tell her some good news. We skipped to Dover Street in Mayfair, to have a late lunch at Aubaine, a french restaurant.

I made reservations just in case it got pretty busy, as we were going on a Saturday.

As soon as we walked in, we were greeted by two very cheeky chaps Adrian and Matt, who nearly gave me a heart attack as they said there were no reservations. For a second I thought I arrived at the wrong location, as they have a few in London (which I’ll tell you more about). Turns out it was a joke! Goodness me, I’ don’t react well to situations like that looool.

The atmosphere was really lovely, and classy but not pretentious. I’d say it’s more on the relaxed side than anything.

Although we went for afternoon tea, we were told that the chef was now preparing Lunch so the waiter quickly introduced us to a champagne called Mignardises Salées et Sucrées, Tea et Champagne (Champagne “T” at Aubaine). In light of our celebration, I hesitantly said yes, as it was quite late in the day. (I promise I’m not an alcoholic…honest!)  

Afternoon tea turned into a fully fledged three course meal. We began our meal with a selection of delicious canapés.  My friend and I are not usually lovers of canapés,  but we became canapés converts rapidly. 

Loved the decorative shot glass, they were very tastefully arranged. In the  picture below there is a layering of foie Gras, maple syrup, praline, roast almond and sugar – perfect for someone who has a sweet tooth like me lol.

We moved on to the main and I wanted to be good so I steered clear of anything with carbs. 
I decided to have sea bass accompanied with a selection of mussels, artichoke and roasted tomato. There’s a picture on instagram but I’ll mention again how divine the sea bass was; it had just the right amount of flavour. I added a little black pepper, because I love my food to have a little spice.

I wasn’t sure if this would fill my growling stomach so I added a portion of broccoli, I was totally stuffed! I actually couldn’t believe it. 
My friend choose the Halibut (to be honest, I was concentrating so much on my plate that I just about glanced at hers lol). She too added an extra portion, but she decided to go with the roasted fennels
The waiter suggested we accompany our dish with another glass of champagne. As the first glass was based on the waiters recommendation, we took his word the second time round, and Chablis, Domaine Laroche it was.

The banter with the waiter, my friend and I was great! (well, it was more with the my friend than me – at one point it was more flirting than banter, he had us both giggling like schoolgirls). Might I add we actually had two waiters – and one was pretty fine if you asked me haha.
Although I did good in terms of healthy eating, I was soo spoilt for choice when it came to dessert. There was a mini selection of  patisserie treats which we ate pretty quick to the extent that we were offered another tray of desserts. Unfortunately, we had to decline – we couldn’t eat another thing. 

To finish the evening, we chatted over a pot of tea; my guest had The Vert Fuji- Yama and I went for the safe option of mint tea.

Overall, the day was fabulous and I’ll definitely be going for breakfast the next time I attend.
Aubaine is dotted around London, and recently opened in Selfridges. Although they are scattered around London, I think I’ll be sticking to this location… I promise it’s not because of the cute waiters (ok maybe a little haha).

Do check out Aubaine for a non-pretentious spot of french lunch!

Waddling out of the restaurant wasn’t a good look so we headed to Berkerley Square Gardens for a continued chat before we headed to New Bond Street for a spot of shopping. We walked from Green Park to Bond Street, then to Oxford Circus for the last bit of shopping at Liberty of London.

 A few of you asked to see what I was wearing, so hear ya go 🙂

Necklace ~ Forever 21
Shirt ~ H&M
Blazer ~ Forever 21
Belt ~ H&M
Harem Pants ~ H&M
Shoes ~ New Look

How was your weekend?



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