Of course you can have both! Why not! As I do post about beauty ( and occasionally fashion) a lot of the time, I thought its the perfect time to let you know that..erhmm…well.. I NOT an air head lol.

As much as I love beauty and fashion, and LOVE LOVE LOVE to read, and not any old junk. I like to read about things that inspire or motivate me to have the best possible life there is to live! 

My reading addiction is 100% conducive to my Amazon Kindle, can someone tell me how I survived without it!!! Since my kindle, my shopping for sturdy bags have deceased, as well as my shoulder ache caused my lugged around a few 100 books, ok not that many but you get my drift right?

Back when I got my kindle, there wasn’t that many fun cases that I loved, I wanted something that was cute, and protective, but to no avail. I stuck with a boring corporate looking black one, but now I am utterly bored of it.

So bored that I stopped reading my kindle, it just wasn’t exciting to dip into my bag and pull out my kindle, so I’d be the annoying train commuter sitting next to you, trying to read whatever the person next to me is reading. Nosey, eh?

It’s about time I change that boring case and get my reading on, so I headed to to see what they had on offer! I ended up with the Purple Leather Kindle Cover which was great value for money as it also comes with a portable LED reading light which can be clipped on; its also available separately. Since I was on the website for hours (looking at kindle touch cases, silly really as I don’t have a kindle Touch lol) I just wanted to say that the website is really easy to use, hence my time wasting browsing on things I don’t need. I also ended up getting an iPhone case.
Looks like I’ll be diving into my hand bag at lightening speed to read my newly purchased e-books now. Speaking of lighting speed the delivery process was just that! That evening is when I decided on what I wanted, and I could have sworn I heard the post lady 5 mins later. I was expecting it to arrive 3-5 days later, but it arrived the next morning and I didn’t ask for next day delivery either.

So now my kindle is fashionable and fun to read; thank you very much, you’ve got me in my reading mood 🙂

Do you accessorize your gadgets?



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