Considering the fact that London’s weather has been miserable, I still have a glimmer of hope that summer is going to be full of sunshine, and cool breeze. Even if it isn’t, there’s always the Limited Edition White Musk Sun Glow fragrance from BodyShop. It actually made me get out my bikini, sunglasses, floppy sun hat and prance around my room as if a beach was in sight.

If you’ve watched a few of my videos, whenever I talk about my favourite perfumes (of all my 35 bottles of perfumes – yes I know I’m a hoarder haha) BodyShop White Musk Libertine always comes out on top; I just love the sweet, floral, almond-y scent (I’m allowed to makeup words right haha) and I’m sure you know one of my favourite notes is musk, so you can imagine when the White Musk Sun Glow (limited edition) hit the stores, I instantly knew it had to be mine. 

Sun, sea, and sand are on my mind now, but before I website hop to find a quick flight, I thought I’d let you know the notes of the scent are so different to the original ( well, I guess that’s expected) the base note is still musk, layered with the middle note of Peony topped with the lemon.

Great for those summer nights, as it’s a soft feminine scent with a touch of seduction. White Musk Sun Glow is accompanied with a Body Puree (it’s basically a light scented body lotion). I always say if your fragrance is Eau de Toilette, one way to make it last a longer is by smothering your skin with the complimentary lotion so you can layer the fragrance.


The Body Shop White Musk Sun Glow Eau de Toilette 60ml (£15)

What’s your summer fragrance?



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