I couldn’t let 2 weeks pass me by, and not update you with whats’ been going on here in Wande’s World. Firstly, I’ve been working on some really cool projects, but I’m sworn to secrecy, until some time in the future (sucks I can’t even say the date :/ )

I’m back on Insanity again, I was sooooo frightened about month two so I took a lazy three week break because it’s soooo much harder than month one! Luckily I haven’t put the weight back on in my 3 week laze around. I just completed week one of month two , and I have a new level of respect for people with fit bodies because I’m constantly aching and always wanting to go to bed. Oh and did I mention I’ve spent the last week eating like a pregnant lady? (not saying I’m pregnant though – just in case I get questions haha).

With Spring approaching, I’ve starting to love the bright trends coming up, I got a few outfits and FOTD coming up, that I think you might just enjoy  🙂

Before I forget, I will be announcing the winners to my giveaway this week, plus I will be revealing what the winner actually won.

So overall, it’s been a bit manic on my side. I’ve been on a spending ban (but I couldn’t help myself to some new sandals inspired by this afternoons sunshine – I’ll show you them in another post).

What you been up to in the last week? 
Do share?



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