On a Sunday morning I love to have a little lie in before Church and listen to a few songs. When I’m getting ready, I’m normally blasting music! 

At times, when travelling around London my music can be so loud that people next to me can hear  it (I’ll confess: I regularly get strange looks from people!)

I’ve now found a way to have a party in public which no one else can hear and stay fashionable too! PROBLEM SOLVED! URBAN EARS

These trendy Urbanears are from Stockholm. They’re presented in unique and colourful  shades whilst providing impeccable sound. Once you place these on your ears, you start to wonder where they’ve been all your life. This style is called the Plattan and it’s pretty retro which I really like. I went with the Cerise colour to add colour to any outfit I wear however there are an assortment of colours available to choose from. 

They are now my go to headphones – I pretty much wear them all the time! Every now and again my sister steals them from me! When she does, I’m pretty sure my heart beats a little faster! 

You want to know why I love it so much:

  • They are compatible with any music player with 3.5 mm of wire.
  • The cord is fabric, so its less likely to become a ball of wires with its copper wires on show
  • You can plug in another pair of headphones into the headphones socket for added sharing
  • There’s a microphone and remote in one
  • Compatible with my iPhone, iPod and Blackberry
  • Best of all I can have a private party in ears whilst boring commuters read the daily newspaper 


What are your favourite songs?



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