HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012!!!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012!!!!!
Happy New Year!!!!

I’m so happy it’s 2012, I feel like life begins now lol (post university life). I spent the evening in church (doesn’t feel right anywhere else) before heading over to a house party in Essex! Had a lot of fun, although some of the music was way older than me.

Next I headed to an apartment in Central London (around 4AM) and saw a few faces I haven’t seen in ages; it’s always fun catching up with people – there were bombs of laughter. Following this I went to a friends chillaxing session in East London, that’s when my body decided to knock out; I  got home at 10:30 this morning and had the best sleep ever.

As I went to many places, a few tweeks to my makeup and outfit was need!

Now I’m off to Church for the service 🙂

How did you spend New Years?



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