HD brows: to be honest I thought it was a bit of a fad, but the more and more I heard people rave about it, I got sucked in. I’ve actually had this product for months, but just haven’t been excited to use it. I love eyebrows, it’s the one (well, two) things that I wouldn’t mind giving a kidney away for…
Many people have known me to be the “eyebrow girl” to the point that friends would camp at my door till I did their eyebrows. Then a certain friend stopped asking me to do her brows; this product was the reason. 

Now please don’t laugh at this paragraph but you know how loose eye shadow goes everywhere, I used (emphasis on used) to think that would happen with powder base brow products. Just the thought of someone sneezing and my brows going with them always put me off using powder products for my brows. O_o

After realizing this isn’t the case, I tried the HD Brow palette. They look great, my eyebrows probably don’t look like sisters because I been growing them out to get a new shape, nonetheless here they are in HD glory. 
I think it’s a bit of a waste as I only need one colour for my eyebrows, but I guess they can double up as eye shadows too.
It’s going to take getting a little used to, but I’m slowly converting!

Not sure where you can get the full size palettes, try these places. ps found a few on ebay too!

Have you tried the HD Brows?



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