Dear Clearasil,

I’ve often seen you grace my TV in between my favourite shows. To be honest, I’ve never paid any attention, simply because you were never addressing me directly. During beauty essential shops I’ve probably glimpsed at you for a second before moving on to my next product. 

Then it all changed! I was contacted by Clearasil’s PR to try the Clearasil Rapid action treatment cream, which is a spot treatment; it’s claims were rather bizarre to me: “Visibly reduce spot, size and redness in 4 hours”.

Now a lot pf people don’t believe that I get spots, but I do! mainly when I haven’t drank enough water, if it’s time of the month or both. 

I have the worst habit on picking my spots, and then they leave horrible scars that I have to battle away with some sort of scar removing cream. BUT…. Prevention is better than cure, so I was interested in trying this product.

Now after trying this product, I immediately fell in love with it!  It did exactly what it said on the tin, and worked like a charm. 

Although it’s  a 25ml tube, the product really does go a long way. The consistency is not greasy nor sticky! I love the applicator tip,  no germs or bacteria transfer from hands, and you can focus on zapping those spots away.

This product works usually when a spot first pokes its ugly head through your skin. I usually put this cream on when going to bed; by the morning its usually gone or significantly reduced. 

There was one week (or two) where I wasn’t drinking as much water as I usually do, it didn’t take long for a party of spots to arrive on my face. When I applied the cream it took so much longer than usual to work. So this product works well – when you’re drinking 8 glasses of water a day.

I haven’t got a spot for a few weeks now, even when it’s that time of the month, but what I have been doing is using the cream on areas of my skin where I usually get spots. 

Overall I love this product, and will forever keep it in my skincare routine 🙂

Note to Clearasil: Please use women and men of colour in your adverts and communication messages, because your products are great on our skin too. 

With Love,

Available: (30ml) £6.40 £4.33 (25 ml) £6.53 £4.99 (free shipping)

Have you ever tried any Clearasil Products?



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