This is a long awaited review about the Elemis Fresh Skin skincare range. I was really excited about starting this range because I’ve actually not used anything from Elemis before despite hearing great stuff about it. 

It’s a good way to get young people into using the Elemis brand, don’t ya think?

Anywho, into the review we go…

Make Up Away Cleansing Wipes (25) £8

The wipes and my skin were true rivals. It just didn’t agree with my skin at all. I’d always feel a burning sensation. It felt very drying on my skin so I disliked using it. Considering the material used for the wipes are supposedly softer than most wipes, I was surprised I found the product so harsh. 

The weirdest thing is that, when I wasn’t wearing any make up, the wipes were fine, I had no problems with them. Using them to remove make up felt like someone pored petrol on my face and set it alight (okay, maybe it wasn’t that bad but it was pretty painful!). 

I had to stop using it as I realized the parts of my face that “burnt” the most started to have scars 🙁

…Oh, don’t be put off what I’ve said though – my friend loved it, she said it was the best thing and is now a fan of them. For the price, I thing its reasonable-ish!

Peachy Perfect Gentle Face Wash 100ml £12

Using this, made my face feel squeaky clean, I’m sure I heard a few squeaks!
Incredibly foamy. I’m like a kid in a bubble bath – I love foamy things 😀 
Not a bad word to say about this product, it does exactly what it says on the tin.
Most definitely worth the money too.

Skin Glow Exfoliating Face Wash 100ml £12

This was actually one of my favourites, I actually ended up using this everyday because it was so gentle on my skin. Loved the lemony scent too. The grains (I hope that’s what it’s called) were just the right size, not too big not too small. This did wonders for the new scars that were caused by the wipes. Love, Love LOVE!!!!

PRODUCT MISSING: Is it just me or shouldn’t a toner be introduced in the range, even if it’s really mild? Just a thought?

Softly Softly Daily Moisturiser 50ml £20

This is another product that burnt my skin. It caused so many blackheads, didn’t feel nice on my skin AT ALL. It didn’t sink into my skin either, literally stayed on the top layer and did nada.

It made my foundation so hard to apply that it would peel when I tried to apply it. Maybe I was applying the foundation too soon and needed the moisturiser to set so I waited a little longer the next time I applied it. But nothing changed: it still did the same thing!

Disliked it greatly, wouldn’t recommend if you have dry skin. OH and hello… for a daily moisturizer introduced in Spring – what happened to SPF?
and would you like to know how much it is? way to0 expensive: £15 -£18 yeah, £20 heck no!!!

Dreamy Sleep Night-Time Moisturiser 50ml £22

Much more richer and milder on my skin, no burning with this product. Other than the fact that it is richer I didn’t see the difference between the two, or why you would need both? Personally, I’d go for the Dreamy Sleep Night Time moisturizer and use it during the day.
As the day cream and my skin had arguments, this became my day and night moisturizer.
For my dry skin I’d say it did 10% of the job, but then I do have really dry skin. The price – night time robbery! 

Tired Eyes Soothing Eye Rescue 15ml £15

This was for? my hair, oh sorry I mean my eyes. This did nothing to my eyes, at all. In fact my dark circle started to show up more. That only happens when I stop using an eye cream or my panda bear eyes dark circles are too dark for the eye cream to do anything. I should of used egg whites under my eyes O_0. Yes it was cooling on my skin – but so it water!

Face Mask Duo Deep Clean and Magical Moisture 6 x 7ml £15

Both masks were great. I preferred the Duo Deep Clean, as it really was a deep clean! Although it’s recommended to be on the skin for 10 mins, I kept it on for an hour, and felt my skin get tighter, but I loved the feeling hehe. 

The Magical Moisture wasn’t magical at all, felt like I was putting cream on my face. It wasn’t a nice feeling in the slightest, it felt so itchy, that I washed it off before the 10 mins. Yes my skin felt moisturized, but I didn’t like the itchy feeling.

One thing I didn’t like was the packaging !!!! 
Why the sachet? and only three sachets? Why not four so you can use it once a week.
I didn’t like the sachet because there was too much product in the sachet for one use (which isn’t a bad thing to an extent) but no seal incase you wanted to reuse it. 

I found myself constantly emptying the contents into a small plastic tub thingy, because the first time I left it in the sachet, it felt like it was drying out, I mean what products don’t have lids? 
If I bought this product I wouldn’t use the magical moisture which meant it would be a waste. Personally, I think the product should be put into a tub or a smaller amount should be given per sachet allowing space for more individual, smaller sachets.

Loving Lips Quenching Lip Balm 10ml £8

Now I’m used to using Carmex, and Soap and Glory’s Sexy Mother™ Pucker Lip Gloss Yummy Plum, Eve Lom Kiss Mix lip balm, anything that has that tingling sensation, makes me feel like it’s working!
I expected the same for this too, especially the fact that it has peppermint in it. Slightly diaapointed that it didn’t tingle. Other than that, this is another favourite in the range, as it was very moisturizing, and if you’re not a fan of tingly lips then this is certainly for you!
Have you used any of the product from Elemis Fresh Skin Range? 
What you think?



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