Zumba has definitely kept me busy! As I am currently studying to leave jail for exams. I’m yet to do all three DVDs however because I am concentrating on loosing fat, I have been doing the Cardio Party DVD which has be working up a sweat. 

The sun has been peaking out lately, so I have to speed up this weight loss process. I don’t see myself doing the DVD 3 times a day though –  I am trying to stay alive! After  3 intense days of Zumba I’ve been contemplating wrapping cling film from my stomach to my ankles as these are my concern areas

One thing: you may feel dehydrated whilst working out (nothing a glass of water can’t fix) and I was seriously sweating cats and dogs – especially since I was wearing so many layers. I would wear a tank top, a long sleeve top, leggings, jogging bottoms and a head scarf. Now do you see how I’m sweating cats and dogs?

Top Tip: The heat generated whilst working out allows you to burn more fat so it’s worth a try. 

I have lost 4 lbs which means I’m a little closer to losing a complete stone, Woo hoo!!! 

This is what I look like now, I dont know if I look any different to be honest. but you can compare to this post: weight loss introduction.

Cleansing the system is a good way to start a diet. Sooo I decided to do a three day detox. It’s called the Body Smooth & Tone Programme by Nosh Detox. I’m only doing the three day trial.

On Sunday night I received my first delivery. I was super excited!!!!  What I love is that it is prepared and delivered to you the same day. You get a delivery each day.
This is what I am expected to eat for day 1 *gulp*

My Menu for the day!

Then, in bag number two. I received the Nosh Detox Box

The Detox Box consists of 5 Different daily teas, Dead Sea bath salts, Castor Oil, 100 Nux Nom Pills, and a Bath Body Brush!

You make the tea yourself!

Instructions for the detox box!

So how did your first day go? – Day 1

I start off with the Nux Nom pill and castor oil, which I washed down with a cup of my favourite: Green Tea.

 This was followed by the Breakfast Smoothie which I loved; it was the best breakfast ever (perhaps because there’s banana’s in it).

The Cascara Bark Tea is…erm…disgusting. This tea made me repent for all my sins because it tasted like the pits of hell. I was ready to give up, but then I looked at my wobbly thighs. Half way through the day I mixed it with green tea, and drank the whole pot. I played a trick on my sister, and made her taste a bit of it, her reaction gave me a sick pack for laughing so hard.

Guacamole with Oat Cakes, tasted scrumptious! Surprisingly very filling! The Oat Cakes broke in transit.

After this was Lunch! A massive bowl of salad!

Lunch was very filling with loads to spare! 

OMG the Green Vegetable Juice, it was drinkable but I’m sure it contained 50% grass!

Lastly was the Pepper Soup for dinner which was ok.

Then I used the bath salt; I felt a little weird brushing dry skin at first (all in the the direction of my heart) yes, it really does say you should do that!  Afterwards, I wrap myself in my towel for 20 mins, for a “cleanse”. 
Since I did this very late last night, I fell asleep in my towel wrap lol.

Stay tuned for Day 2 tomorrow!

Available: www.noshdetoxdelivery.com (I’m doing the Body Smooth Tone 3 day Trial)
Price: £119.16



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