When I first heard about this product, I ‘m sure I was first in line to want to try it. I haven’t been one to use a day eye cream and a night eye cream (personally, I think that’s nonsense, and a marketing gimmick). As per usual, I still like to give things a try. So when this product landed in my possession I thought great, a day and night eye cream sold together.

The morning eye cream is actually gel, which I am not particularly a fan of, but it was still worth a try. Sadly, I completely hated using this in the morning. It didn’t sink in, not even after an hour. It did tighten the skin around my  eye though. The most annoying thing about this eye gel is that is peels away: urgh! Like for real, I’m already in a rush in the mornings, so it’s really not what I want – or need! The packaging says it’s an eye lifter and circle reducer, I honestly don’t think so! The gel did absolutely nothing for my eye!

The night eye cream on the other hand, Superb is an understatement.
It worked very well in reducing my under eye circles, not as much as I’d hoped for, but it certainly did reduce it. The texture was great, because it’s creamy and sinks into the skin unlike its counterpart.

I’m not too sure if you can see from the picture, but it says:

Fast Acting Day Gel, and Long- Lasting Night Balm

A light bulb came above my head, and I switched the product around. So I’ll use the gel at night, and the cream in the day. I spent less time faffing about in the morning waiting for the cream to sink it, as it was instant. I thought after 18  8 hours of sleep surely the gel would sink it. Nope, Nada!

Overall the night eye cream works well, but not sure about the gel.

Available: Boots.com
Price: £30.63



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