It’s actually been ages since I blogged last, mainly because of my million 70 paged dissertation due last week – thank God its’ over and I’m still alive!

As many of you know I started a diet 2 weeks ago called Diet Chef, and an exercise routine called Zumba.

For those who emailed me about Diet Chef, thank you.

 So what is Diet Chef exactly? 

It’s a calorie controlled diet that delivers the food to you door step. Technically you don’t need to buy anything else, except chocolates and sweets fruits and vegetables, and milk and water.

What does the food look like?
There’s a ton to choose from (either granola or porridge) but if you’re normally the type to skip breakfast then there’s breakfast bars. I did find breakfast tasty but hated days when I had to opt for a breaky bar.

Shake or soup and… nope that’s all you get although the soup does have a variety.

pssss Top Health Tip:

I once watched a documentary about food a few years ago where two people ate the same breakfast: a full english.
They had exactly the same food – bar one thing: one was blended into a soup. By lunchtime when both participants were asked whether they were hungry, the one who had soup was still full hours later and stated he could still go a few more hours whereas the other was starving even though he had the same sized full english. 

Also have you noticed that some of your friends, family or work colleagues who are healthy have soup for lunch? 

So when I come off this diet I will be adopting this into my normal diet. 


They have a vast selection to choose from. Considering I don’t each pork or chicken (and I’m weening myself beef slowly) I still had a lot to choose from. The food does taste nice (plus I love black pepper so I added to everything)!

You do need to add vegetable to every dinner 

Top Health Tip
I bought some Birds Eye vegetables and placed them in a bowl with a small amount of water (and black pepper) then I put cling film over it to keep all the nutrients in rather than boiling them away. 

This is one of the things that attracted me to the diet. I know that you can’t have your normal 10 2 packs of custard creams everyday so I was slightly apprehensive about the Diet Chef alternative. I’m not usually a fan of dark chocolate, but I  really enjoyed it (it’s great to eat chocolate whilst knowing it’s good for your heart).

Top Health Tip
You can have snacks but reduce it significantly rather than cutting out snacking altogether – have smaller portions and eat loads of fruits.

Now for the things I buy at the supermarket

Literally, all you need to buy yourself is fruit and veg. I also buy green tea (mainly because it tastes so good!) and it’s famed for lowering cholesterol and high blood pressure. 

Since I don’t actually like water,  I squirt a few drops of lemon to add taste but turns out it’s actually good for you too. 

 5 benefits of lemon water

1. good for stomach – helps digestion
2. excellent for skin care – rich source of vitamin c
3. cures throat infections – its antibacterial properties
4. weight loss – reduce body weight
5. general body – flush out bacteria and toxins out of the body

Before I forget – you’re given a 250ml daily allowance of milk. I’m trying to stop drinking cow’s milk so I’ve opted for soya milk which actually tastes nice, especially if you have  a sweet tooth like me.

OK so you’re probably thinking: Wande, thanks for the information but have you lost any weight yet?

YES YES YES!!!! I have lost 6 lbs. As for zumba I’ve been rubbish, I’ve only done it once. It’s so intense I honestly thought one of my boobs would fall off, or I was going to fall through the floor. So next week I’ll hopefully start doing it more.

I’ve also got my a weight loss buddy, who has been very helpful and encouraging too because we’re doing it together. Her name is Rowena over at Cosmetic Candy and a good friend of mine J’ara over a Lasugarlace who is going to eat fruit and veg for two months eek.

How is your weight loss journey going?



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