Makeup nowawdays is HD this, mineral that; I was beginning to wonder what was next. Turns out I didn’t have to wait for long, there’s now blue ray! hahaha! I couldn’t help but laugh. Some of us bought into the HD makeup idea, that many companies added to their marketing ploy for selling products, (well I think so).  Personally, I’m still a bit sceptical.

Here’s my reason, and understanding:

HD  stands for high definition, and it’s a new development in digital TV.
HD gives very clear, crisp pictures with vivid colours and up to five times more detail than ordinary standard definition TV. (
So what does that mean in makeup? Is the equipment used to make it “digital”, because I don’t understand how blush, or foundation is HD, perhaps the pigments are more “vivid” but shouldn’t make up be like this already? 

Revlon were tactical with their approach as they didn’t plaster HD all over their products; instead they added the word Photoready. But there’s still the question of what actually they’ve added in the formulation of their products…(sorry I’m a marketing student, I can’t help but look at it from a marketing perspective).
It also made me think: if i don’t even understand what HD makeup is, how was I going to get blue ray makeup? I can’t keep up!

Speaking of blue ray, Cargo has a range called Blue Ray Collection

Their barely functioning website says

A revolutionary new collection designed for filming in HD
Picture perfect makeup that looks perfectly natural

Their website reminded me of a new movie about to start, with a section about their story (that doesn’t work) very Blue Ray-ish! The only section working is a link to where you can buy it, and a link back to their main website – how convenient?

Is this the future for makeup? Naming products after Technology?

I guess we should be on the look out for 3D make up then!

I haven’t tried any of the products, simply because I’m sceptical, but have you?
Do you honestly know or see the difference in normal, HD, and Blue Ray makeup; if so please spill!



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