I haven’t done a fave fume post in yonks. Sorry! The fragrance that has stolen my heart at the moment is the Balenciaga Paris fragrance.

Following the success of Nicolas Ghesquierè’s first fragrance, the latest release is a purse spray. Thankfully it still has notes from the original such as chype violet; I guess it wouldn’t  be a Balenciaga fragrance without the original scent.

It’s bottled in a luxury glass prism, making it easy to hold plus it comes with a little velvet pouch to prevent scratches to the bottle.  

The scent is soft, fresh and light. It’s rather fruity in the very early stages. It’s also slightly metallic in the opening but mostly, there’s a soft violet aroma throughout. Even though there’s no Glade and no melon, it is rather fruity at the first whiff. 

Wearing this fragrance will make you feel elegant, classy, and sophisticated: everything a women should be anyway!

Top Notes: Violet leaves, 
Middle Notes: Rose and Violet
Base Notes: cedar and patchouli



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