I have been battling with my panda eyes for a while now, and wondered if there is actually anything out there to completely rid them! 


With all the promises of ridding dark circles, I tried the Clarins Eye Gel, which did nothing for me! This time I tried the Bremenn’s Serious Dark Circles, I was attracted to the Paraben-Free sticker on the box.

I have been using this product since the end of July. It has a white thick creamy texture. The only bad thing I have to say is that I found it quite difficult to blend the product under my eyes no matter how small the size of cream you use! I am always left with white residue under my eyes.  I tried leaving it for a while to “sink in” but when I tried to rub it in it just peels off; I guess that method didn’t work!

If you’ve been reading my previous posts you will know I love tingle products, my current shampoo is tingly, my lipglosses are tingly – you get my drift. So it’s probably no surprise I’m loving this tingly eye cream *wiggles bum*. 


You literally need a tenth of a pump, which means this product can last you a really long time. I wouldn’t say this product got rid of my circles, but I would say I saw a dramatic difference under my eyes.

The inner corners of my eyes are still dark but they have been reduced significantly because the outer corners are practically even in complexion to my cheeks.

 I am going to continue with this product to see if it will completely rid the circles – do you think 3 months is long enough?

Price £52

What eye cream are you using?



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