There are a bunch of products out there on the market but so many will jack up your skin. They’re always promising the world, and doing nothing.  I have been trying the Priori Brightening Facial Complex out for 2 months now.

Firstly, I was shocked because the consistency is feather light! You only need 1-2 pumps for your entire face. I love the fact that it is compact too, so I can slip it in my handbag if need be. Surprisingly it lasted about 2 months, considering I used it day and night!

As many of you many know I have dry skin, and I was afraid it wouldn’t hydrate my skin, but did this little bottle prove me wrong. I felt so hydrated that I didn’t find myself trying to pump all the product out.

The great thing about it is the main ingredient: CoffeeBerry. It’s a rich, satisfying antioxidant, three times more powerful than Green Tea and known to brighten the dullest complexions. Glycerin boosts the skin’s natural moisture content. Grapeseed Extract acts as a skin-softening antioxidant.

Did it Work?
I believe I saw my face brighten up, without it looking bleached. It brought out the natural radiance of my face, which was great. Although it’s recommended for hyper-pigmentation, I don’t believe it worked on the tougher areas of pigmentation; my chin area, which is really dark compared to the rest of my face seemed to stay the same. If you’re in the early stages of hyper-pigmentation or sun damage then this will be great for you! Oh and another thing – it didn’t break me out one bit!

I have to apologise, I do not have pictures because I forgot to take pictures before I  left for Cyprus, and I am obviously tanned now. Sorry! But my skin was soft, smoothed, and radiant.

I have nothing bad to say about this product other than the availability, It is available nationwide however it is only available in select salon and spas and specialist skin care centres. They do not hope to make it available in department stores because it a professional brand, which is far enough. Call 0845 555 2121 to find stockist near you.

Price: £52



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  1. Sally
    5th October 2010 / 10:24 PM

    Would you recommend that people that are not women of colour to use it too?

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