Nina L’Elixir, Eau de Parfum, epitomises the true essense of moi, The fragrance represents a woman who is sensual and sophisticated. I am so in love with the new fragrance as it is completely different to the first one. I wasn’t a big fan of the Nina fragrance, however I am of this one.

“Nina L’Elixir perfectly captures the bewitching essence of the new Nina with a joyfully mischievous radiance and colourful sensuality. A concentrate of Nina Ricci elegance which conveys assurance with subtlety and finesse.”

 Top Notes: Blossoming notes of Calabria lemon and Caipirinha lime infuse.

Heart Notes: Gentle notes of jasmine and red berries surround this caramelised delight with a fairytale veil.
Bottom Notes: A sensual blend of amber and woody notesCedar wood, cotton musk and hints of warm amber make up this bewitching harmonic embrace that leaves a lasting, profound and irresistibly feminine fragrance in its wake.
Nina L’Elixir is a love potion for modern women who know how to play on their natural charm and have fun with it.
“A perfume should be a work of art, the object that contains it should be a masterpiece”.
Robert Ricci
It is in a crystalline bottle in the shape of an apple chosen for Nina in 2006, the jewel-like bottle made for Nina L’Elixir is inspired by the famous ‘Fille d’Eve’ bottle, created by Robert Ricci & Marc Lalique in 1952. It is a very realistic apple shape graced with silky crystal contours.

It comes in three different sizes: 

30ml £30
50ml £40
80ml £54

The fragrance will be released in October 2010



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