Victoria Beckham has the worst feet in the nation, according to a new survey from Scholl.
71% said Posh has the worst celebrity feet, followed by Sarah Brown (11%).
And 67% thought she should have urgent surgery to deal with her bunions.
These are just some of the stats gained from Scholl’s new survey, as part of its ‘Keeping Britain on its Feet’ campaign.
“Scholl has taken a measure of the nation’s feet and we have found a lot of pain and suffering,” says SSL Marketing Director Mark Critchley. “As the leading footcare expert, Scholl believes people should better appreciate their hard-working feet, which keep this country going.”
 Despite the possible health hazards, women feel sexier wearing high heels (81%). 7% of women have loved their shoes so much – that they have even worn them to bed.
Men like them too – 13% have admitted to wearing their partner’s high heels in the bedroom!
Not everyone is hooked on heels; almost 60% of women would wear flats to make their shorter partner happy and one in ten men admit to wearing lifts in their shoes.
Despite any possible health hazards, the nation only wants to buy more shoes! More than 75% want more money at the end of the month to spend on footwear, according to the poll.
When faced with a choice between stocking the cupboard or buying another pair of shoes, 30% say they would rather starve (33% of women – while only 12% of men opted to give up their rations).
And half the nation admitted to buying a new pair of ill-fitting shoes – knowing they’d never be comfortable enough to wear.
As painful as they may be, it’s a wonder anyone wants to take their shoes off. More than half the nation is suffering from cracked heels (52%) – but the toes are the most hated – 40% find them the least attractive part of their feet.
A whopping 61% of men never moisturise their feet, while 57% of women do so daily or weekly – perhaps why men 73% are simply NOT grossed out by other people’s feet; while a majority of women do reserve the right to judge (51%).
The sexes, however, are put off by different afflictions; 52% of men say they would be most put off by hairy toes; while women cited athlete’s foot (45%) as the biggest turnoff.
Of all the feet in the nation, Scholl’s new poll has singled out one profession above all others as deserving the moniker of ‘Britain’s Hardest Working Feet.’
More than half of the respondents (54%) singled out nurses, followed by shop assistants (22%), mothers (20%), chefs and servers (20%), police officers (16%), construction workers (13%), factory workers (8%), doctors (7%) and teachers (6%).
More Foot Stats
  • 70% polled would avoid wearing high heels if they thought they would suffer from bunions
  • If they had to have a bunion operation, 76% fear the general disruption to their lives
  • Nearly one third of women (31%) confess to owning from 11-20 pairs of shoes; 45% of men are making do with from only one to five pairs
  • 49% are not bothered by shoe labels
  • Half the nation is not happy with the appearance of their feet
  • 46% of men have suffered from athlete’s foot
  • 52% of women are happy to wear heels from only one to two inches high, while an intrepid 2% totter about on four inches or higher
  • The most coveted shoe labels for women ages 16 to 40 are Jimmy Choo (29.7%), Christian Louboutin (27.7%) and Manolo Blahnik (15.4%)
  • 79% would not like their feet handled by a celebrity; of the 21% who would, it’s Cheryl Cole for the men and hands down George Clooney for the women
  • 14% said they would like to massage a celebrity’s feet; again, it’s Cheryl Cole for the men and George Clooney for the women
  • 27% of Brits will have from one to five pairs of shoes lurking underneath their desks at work
  • 46% polled carry an extra pair of more comfortable shoes around with them



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