I was invited to the Elemis Press Day; I was actually excited because I had never been before. As I arrived I was greeted, and asked if I would like a drink. I was then shown the Christmas gift sets, and I have to say you’re in for a treat this Christmas. This are the gift sets that caught my eye!

Then I was given a mini tour of the spa, and into what looked like an upstairs reception, where a video was played explaining their new fragrance, however I didn’t actually get to smell the fragrance because another person was waiting to watch the video; I could smell it from a distance though and it seemed nice. I didn’t worry to0 much as I thought I would get the fragrance in my my goodie bag on the way out.

I love when I see sinks with candles: it reminds me of peace and inspires peaceful thoughts.

This was one of their treatment rooms

 This was in aid of breast cancer, hence the packaging!

I then went down stairs and the lady disappeared! I shooed myself to the door, where I reunited with the girls, who were talking to the lady in front of me about what’s in the bag. She was asked what products she wanted and explained what was in her bag, which consisted of the fragrance, her Christmas gift set of her choice, a candle, and of course the press release.

Then it was my turn, the young lady started her shpiel then she was interrupted by her colleague who said that I should be given a particular bag! The lady was confused herself, and began saying I would have a fragrance. She looked in the bag and realised I didn’t –  I had only the candle. She was then interrupted by her colleague again, and took her upstairs, along with my goodie bag. When she returned she handed me the same bag, and said here’s your bag. It didn’t feel any different to it did before. I swiftly left, got outside to see if they’d given me a new bag but there was only a candle. 

So my fellow readers I can’t actually give you my opinion on the fragrance I’m afraid! You will have to wait till it’s released later in the Autumn.



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  1. 26th July 2010 / 1:14 PM

    Jesus… why can’t these press people get it together? It’s not like it’s a military mission to organise a press day, and there’s a bunch of you doing it together! This is far too common and leaving us press peeps with a bitter taste… check out my experience of Lush here:

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