Last week I was invited to the Paul and Joe Beaute Event, to see the launch of the Summer Sahara Sparkles Collection. Since it was in the morning, breakfast was readily available but the speech from Paul and Joe’s International Make Up Artist, Craig-Ryan French was far more interesting to listen to. He touched on so many topics! He spoke about long-wearing make up, application and gave us a few tips and tricks. I have to handed it to him – his energy for a event that early was pretty impressive – well, I guess Starbucks gave him a helping hand! 

 Paul and Joe’s International Make Up Artist, Craig-Ryan French

Craig in action
This is the complete Sahara Sparkles Collection 2010
This is the colour 005; it’s really pretty don’t you think? It really stood out for me

Craig recommended that I try this colour on my lips, to be honest at first I wasn’t too sure (hence the swatch on my hand) however I decided to give it a try and I have got to say, I didn’t think it would be pretty on me, but it is right? This colour is called Sahara.

We were very kindly given goodie bags, with a few of the products

The packaging is so lovely, Let me know your thoughts!

In my goodie bag was the foundation  primer, lip pencil duo, clear lip gloss, and finishing powder

When I first put the primer on my hand, I had to check the label because I thought it was foundation (until I actually rubbed it in lol). I will say you really have to rub to make sure you don’t have a white face because it could really affect your foundation. Oh and it’s SPF 4- how amazing is that!

01 Lip Liner Dual Melon

I preferred this end, although they are both nice colours

All though the powder wasn’t my colour, I am in love with the packaging!

The texture of the lip gloss is really nice: I didn’t find it sticky, and with the brush I was able to build it up. I put it on last night, and fell asleep in it, woke up those morning and it was still there, so this is definately long lasting gloss!

Overall I really like the collection; what is your honest opinion of the collection?



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  1. Lauren
    28th June 2010 / 10:36 AM

    You have really nice lips, and the clear gloss looks good on you!

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