Many of us assume we know our skin type, whether it may be oily, dry, or combination. It always good to have a skin consultation or a skin mapping session.

A skin consultation is were a dermatologist looks at your skin beyond the surface by using a machine (don’t worry is doesn’t hurt lol).

A few weeks ago, I decided to head into town to visit Sk:n Clinic and have a skin consultation. To get a little celebrity feel lol, I decided to visit the Harley Street branch. (I didn’t see any celebrities though.)

As I was waiting for my appointment, I had to fill in all this paper work about my skin. For a moment I felt as if I was about to have plastic surgery with all the unnecessary questions.

Then I was called to go into a room by Amy (my skin consultant) who asked me to remove all my make-up. You’re actually supposed to attend without any make-up, but make-up and I have a very special bond – so that was impossible.

Anywho, Amy set up the Visia Skin Analysis machine and I put my face in it.
It was dark with a mirror at the at bottom of it, so that I could see my skin. Different coloured florescent  dots appeared on my face and each different colour represented a problem, whilst she explained. I have always known I have dry skin, but I didn’t know that around my eyes were the driest of all. 

After the session, Amy wrote up my skin analysis which recommended about 10 products worth buying. At first, I thought she was crazy, but she was actually being serious. 

If I had bought them all it would have amounted to over £520 which seems ridiculous (that’s a European holiday right there!).

I really didn’t believe that purchasing all those products would allow me to have the best skin (especially if I was judging by my consultants skin). Don’t get me wrong, her skin was ok but if you’re going to recommend products over £520, yours should be excellent.

As I was sceptical and worried spending £520 on skin products which may not work,  I opted for the safer and smarter option: requesting samples.

I was given 3 samples SkinCeuticals Hyrdrating B5, mosturizing cream, and sk:n sun High Protection sun cream SPF30.

I have been using the products for 3 weeks now, and I have seen a bit of change to my skin. It has become a little more even and a little less dry.

But the process is too long, especially when applying the sun cream.  You have to tap it on your face – not rub it in and if you make the mistake of rubbing your face will resemble a snowman. I’m  a fan of one step process so 10 products with various application methods is too much.

However I do recommend to go for the skin consultation. One thing that I do like is that you’re given a copy of your skin analysis and a copy of the products that were recommended to you, mine are below! 


Skin Care

You don’t always have to purchase the products, but at least you will know what areas of your skin needs more attention.

The two companies that I am aware of that does this service is Sk:n Clinic and Dermalogica



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