The hot tempered supermodel Naomi Campbell may just be getting married. Her boyfriend, Russian millionaire Vladislav Doronin, has been talking about their plans to tie the knot, revealing fashion designer-and-magazine editor Dasha Zhukova – the partner of Chelsea soccer club owner Roman Abramovich – will be bridesmaid.

Online newspaper quoted the 47-year-old business tycoon saying: “I can’t say it took us long to decide who will be bridesmaid. ‘We are good friends with Dasha, she is a wonderful person and talented designer.’

In case you were wondering, “Dasha” is Dasha Zhukova, the girlfriend of another Russian Billionaire (Roman Abramovich) who is a designer but rumour says her real job is  holding onto her bank, I meant Babydaddy!

“We are good friends with Dasha, she is a wonderful person and talented designer. So she will be next to Naomi at our wedding.”

Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t the ‘soon-to-be-groom’ is STILL MARRIED  to Ekaterina, the mother of his teenage daughter Katia. Vladislav did not hint at a possible date for the wedding and did not give away any further details.

Naomi, 39, and Vladislav – who is nicknamed the ‘Donald Trump of Russia’ in his home country – started dating mid 2008.

Shortly after they got together, it was reported the businessman was so smitten with Naomi he bought her a $18.5 million penthouse in Brazil, aww how sweet of him.
A source said at the time: “Naomi told Vladislav how much she loved Brazil and that she really wanted to settle down there. So he bought her the apartment, and said it was a gift for her. They will use it as their base when they are in Brazil together.”

What I found interesting is that Naomi’s spokesperson has previously laughed off speculation the couple are engaged, I wonder if that’s a cover up?

Her representative said in January: “Naomi is not engaged nor has any plans to wed.”

Personally I am quite surprised that it lasted this long, I thought he would not like her hot tempered attitude.

So who do we believe?



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  1. Monique
    29th April 2010 / 9:07 PM

    I dont think she will get married, also her boyfriend has got money to throw away, so the penthouse probably didnt cost him much in his mind.

    I think Black men are getting weaker these days thats why they are going for white women.

    Black women are a bit to prideful to even turn gay lol, so it looks like a life of singleness for us ladies, unless you dont mind going outside the race

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