Finally, spring is here! I’ve been waiting for ages to go and pick some flowers to spruce up my home. Today I ‘ll show you 5 simple ways to better prepare for spring.


With winter being completely brutal, and trees shedding their leaves. Flowers are a great way to infuse spring into your home without it becoming expensive. My favourite places are Waitrose, M&S and Interflora. If you an active lifestyle that stops those alluring arrangements from staying alive, then artificial flowers are the way to go. I’d recommend John Lewis, Bloom, or even eBay.


Spring Themed Decor

Swapping out simple things can quickly bring that spring feeling to your home.  The easiest items that I change are the cushions, curtains, rugs, and ornaments. A few places I’d prose you look at are DuneIm, IKEA, Amazon, and Wilko. I got this stunning chandelier from Wilko, and you would never have known.


Clothes Clear Out

Since I don’t have a walking closet that houses all my seasonal attire. I usually store clothes that are out of season away in my bed. Currently, we are in that in-between weather where some days are full of the glorious sun that requires a sundress and sandals, and the other days are grey and gloomy which crave the re-introduction of socks and scarves. To combat this I keep all the seasonally inappropriate garments in an under bed storage , and simply have it out. I don’t put the clothes in my wardrobe just yet, but having the option for lighter fabrics is great! Take a peek over at IKEA and Argos for under bed storage.


Let Go Of What’s Not Serving 

Having new years resolutions are great, but seasonal resolutions are another great opportunity to get back on track, or re-evaluate your goals. A new season brings forth  a clean home, that usually results in a clean mind. Use that to motivate you to ensure your life are full of all things new, pure, and inspiring.


Add Spring Scents To Your Home

By far my favourite thing to do around the home. Searching out that new scent. I ten d to associate scents with memories, hence why this is an important factor for me. Scents come in all forms. I habitually like to have them all, dotted around in different rooms in my home. My go to brand on this is Air Wick as they have a wide range such automatic sprays,  reed diffusers, candles, and plug in scents. My favourites are Linen In The Air, White Vanilla Bean, Crisp Linen And Lilac, and Purple Lavender Meadow.








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