28 Jul 2011


Lips, you got to have them looking great 24/7 right! I'm always on the hunt to find something to to keep my lips moisturized. Beauty Fixation is brand developed by my favourite makeup brush makers Japonesque. All ready I was excited to try this, plus I'd never seen anything like it.  A tinted lip conditioner in a cotton swab? This I had to see.

I was a little disappointed, in this product because I didn't find it moisturizing for more than 15 mins, which in turn made my lips feel dryer after.This might just be my lips, as they are really dry. You might not want to apply this in public because you might look weird, but on the other hand this will fit right into your purse, or handbag.

It's very easy to use, and all the instructions are on back, but I don't think this one is my cup of tea, even though I wanted it to be. You have to use the content of the swab, in one use as there is no way to preserve the remainder of the product.

Available: www.boots.com
Price: 4.99

27 Jul 2011


I couldn't help the cheesy title, but many of you may or may not know that Palmer's have introduced a scrub to their range. I've been using it for about 1 month or so, and have to say, I am surprisingly a fan, I didn't think I would. Dont you just love when something exceeds your expectations?

Palmer's Cocoa Body Scrub (200g) has been on the market for about 2 months or so, and already becoming a favorite amongst many! It's a blend of pure cocoa butter, vitamin E, shea butter and natural crushed cocoa beans.The smell is divine. The combination refines and polishes to reveal brighter, smoother looking skin.

Available: www.boots.com
Price: £4.99

26 Jul 2011


Finally decided what to do to my hair, Its weave-a-licious. I'm currently loving it sooo far. Takes a little getting used to the itch, lets hope I dont become a public patting nuisance.

See what I had to say about my new hair, and of course the experience. Oh and before I forget scroll down for information about the hair.

Let's look through the journey of my hair styles throughout the years,  really isn't that many lol

I did this hairstyle when weave was taking over my life, and needed a break.
Did this style for 2 years, it grew my hair too :)

The infamous asymmetric wig, yes it was a wig lool

A break from the wig  

Oh the twist, love this although I did look 12 in this hair do

Lastly, the synthetic pony, which I'm sure is probably fallen behind the bed or something.

Do You think this hairstyle suits me?

23 Jul 2011


Got a quick outfit post for you, hope you like it. No pictures - sorry! I was in the biggest rush of my life, ( I went to see Harry Potter on its release day) Loved the ending!

What I'm wearing:
Lipstick: No7 Romantic 

Top: Matalan
Belt: New Look
Jeans: Levis 
Wedges: New Look 
Nails: Filthy Gorgeous Air Kiss (hands) 
Nails: OPI The IT colour (feet)

Have you seen the new Harry Potter movie?

19 Jul 2011


Since I've been natural, its unbelievable the crazy myths I used to believe so I decided to bust 10 natural hair myths.

Happy Watching

What hair myths did you believe in?

16 Jul 2011


The last 10 days have been really stressful for me and I’ve needed to relax. I'll be honest - relaxation is something I’m used to doing (because miss busy body over here can't keep still).

I've always been a big fan of candles; I find them very calming because they help me to be still...just like a candle (I couldn't resist). 

Oh - and it's not just any candle, I'm currently in love with internationally renowned florist Jane Packer who's thankfully transferred her floral flair into candlewax.  Smile

This candle has really helped de-stress and detox from bad energy. I love the fusion of Gardenia, Cedarwood, and Patchouli - DIVINE!!!!!

The burning time is 32 hours with long lasting aromas; considering it looks small, it definitely brightens my mood big time. 

Price: £19.50
Available: http://www.houseoffraser.co.uk

What do you do when you get stressed?


Yikes, its been 10 days since I blog last, erhmm apologies for the lack of post, life has become really overwhelming. With graduation on Tuesday and still decorating, (slightly getting bored of it too). I find that I'm growing as a person, to let go and move on, oh and let my emotions out. If its not in line with I want to do then its gotta go, you get my drift. It's been an emotional roller coaster too, with people popping up in my life now when the academic era is over. 

Now I'm at peace again, and I have missed blogging, oh the beauty discoveries, the good, the bad, and the damn right ugly lol.

Have You Been Missing Me?



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