28 May 2010


 I attended the Givenchy Press Day, two days ago, which I have been excited about since I saw their Phenomen’Eyes Waterproof Mascara. I toddled along into town, and on entry I was greeted by a familiar friend. (see below lol)

Then I was introduced to the A/W Cosmetics range which is named Blooming. The Orange that dominates Blooming is drawn from the energy of this resistance to winter. It is a dynamic invigorating flame that brings optimism and revitalises other colours. I'm liking the inspiration, more summer less winter!

The collection is limited edition and consists of :

1. Le Prisme Visage Blooming  compact powder £32.50
 Blooming Pink (left) for paler complexions
Blooming Apricots (right) for darker complexions

2. Le Prisme Blush Blooming Fushsias £29.50 (loved it!)

3. Le Prisme Yeux Quatuor £33
Blue Collection (left)
Midnight Look(right)

(there are 7 different palettes)

4. Rouge Interdit Blooming Peach (satin lipstick) £18.50

5. Rouge Interdit Shine Blooming Apricot (Ultra Shine Lipstick) £17.50

6. Pop Gloss Crystal Blooming Lilac (left) £16.50
 Pop Gloss Crystal Blooming Coral Ultra Shine (right) £17.50

7. Vernish Please! Blooming Pink Nail Lacquer £12.50

A closer look a the glosses and nail lacquer


I swatched the two lipsticks, what you think?

The lipsticks were not very pigmented, but they were sheer and nice colours too.
Personally I would wear them in the day, rather than at night.

Rouge Interdit Blooming Peach (satin lipstick) (left)
Rouge Interdit Shine Blooming Apricot (Ultra Shine Lipstick) (right)

I really liked the look of the blush 
They are really trying to stretch summer just a little longer with these colours, don't you think?

Moving on to their latest skin care product. To accompany their already successful Le Soin Noir Moisturizer, Givenchy have introduced Le Soin Noir Yeux, which was explained to me as an age-defying eye cream. The reason that it is black is because of the Algae Extract which Givenchy found 5 years ago, an it doesn't react to external pressures. It claims  after 1 hour application eye will appear smoother, brighter, even toned, and have an immediate tightening effect.
After 28 days your eye will be 85% firmer, fine lines are smoothed by 83%, wrinkles are smoothed by 73% This really did get me excited, because of my dark circles, but it claim that eye will be 90% brighter, (see you later concealer!). This product sounds too good to be true, however it is priced at £116. However as its eye cream, I guess a little will go along way.

The final products that I was introduced to was the fragrances 
 Play for Her and Play for Her Intense

Following the same concept from Play for Him the bottle resembles an technological feel. Play for Her is slim and slender, with a pink girly colour. As I am a sucker for gadgets I liked the fact it was contemporary with gently rounded lines with refined decor.

There are two perfumes are Eau De Parfum which is great for lasting power. They scent of the two were nice, however the Amyris Wood wasn't dectable as much as I thought or would have liked it to be, maybe because I like the Amyris on it own lol.

Play for Her
A Floral Woody Fruity fragrance
Top Notes: Pink peppercorns, white peach, bergamot, sweet pea
Middle Notes: Amyris wood, tiare flower, magnolia flower, and leaf
Base Notes: Sandlewood, musks

Play For Her Intense
A Floral Woody Amber Fragrance
Top Notes: Pink peppercorns, orange flower
Middle Notes: Amyris wood, tiare flower,orchid
Base Notes: Sandlewood, patchouli, tonka, bean, benzoin

30ml EDP & EDP Intense £34.50
50ml EDP & EDP Intense £49.00
70ml EDP & EDP Intense £59.50

I got three samples of products in my goodie bag.

I am so loving this lip gloss!

27 May 2010


St Ives have introduced two new body scrubs to join its already successful St Ives Invigorating Apricot Body Scrub, to help buff away winter skin, even on sensitive or problem skin.

With Spring on its way and Summer in sight, We all want our body to look the best so body preparation is essential. all with luxurious creamy formulations, gentle micro beads and walnut shell powder (a natural exfoliator).

Rather than just one body scrub there are now two in addition to complement the range, all tackling different problem points on the skin. You can choose from

NEW! Deep Cleansing Apricot Body Scrub for oily, blemish prone skin with extracts of apricot oils, chamomile, sunflower, plus the addition of Salicylic acid to help combat skin breakouts, helping leave skin smoother and clearer skin - and a scrumptious mango fragrance to revive that tropical holiday feeling.  Particularly good for backs and upper arms before you dare to bare. I didn't actually try this product as I do not have oily skin, so on to the next.

NEW! Nourishing Apricot Body Scrub for sensitive skin with extracts of jojoba, apricot oils, chamomile, sunflower extracts and a gorgeous natural almond fragrance, this extra mild formula gently buffs to help reveal younger looking, radiant skin

My Review, (well and my sisters too): Personally I didn't like this one because it was too mild for me, it felt as if there were not enough micro beads in it, however I did feel surprisingly soft after use. I gave it to my sister, who has sensitive skin, who absolutely loved it! She always reluctant of using new product because she always seems break out, or get  some sort of rash, but this worked fine on here. "This is my body scrub for life, I love the creamy texture too" she states!

Invigorating Apricot Body Scrub for all skin types, with apricot extracts and a zingy mango and tangerine fragrance. Your entire body will feel energised and your skin left instantly smoother and fresh

My Review For me this was my favourite scrub, as it was just the best, it has more micro beads than the Apricot Body Scrub for sensitive skin, which I liked, and It wasn't as creamy. To get extra smooth skin I wear exfoliating gloves, it gives me extra softness.

Beauty Tip:
All over exfoliation will help speed up the skin’s circulation as well as the natural renewal process by buffing away dead cells, to reveal noticeably smoother, softer, healthier looking, skin. 

Apply to damp skin in the shower or before submersion in the bath, massage into skin using small circular motions, either with a sponge or hands, concentrate on hard skin areas such as knees, heels and elbows – crucial for a streak free self tanning. Use up to twice a week for fresh, younger looking skin that glows with natural radiance!

Price £4.99

26 May 2010


Yesterday I was invited to the TRESemme Launch, and I have to say I had a great time, and met some great people.

It was early in the morning, well early for me lol, so to keep us wide awake, a beautiful range of breakfast was served, Smoked Salmon  yum in additional a trapeze artist also entertained us for a few.

This model's hair was coloured 5 weeks ago, 
look how the colour looks as if it was done a few days ago!

The Models with TRESemme products in their hair

This was my goody bag, it weighed about a ton!!!
For me this is a year supply, when I told the Publicist  this she thought I was joking and it would only last a few months! lol
How often to women of colour wash thier hair though lol?

Interview with  Christopher Walton.

The question was (in case you cant hear it)

Women of colour tend to wear a weave, and sometimes with colour, my stylist once said when I have colour in my hair I should use a shampoo for that colour for example if I have blonde in my hair, then I should use a shampoo for blonde hair to preserve the colour. Can I also use TRESemme for this too?

24 May 2010


Givenchy has launched its Summer range of make-up which includes it’s first waterproof mascara: Phenomen’Eyes Waterproof Mascara, available in three shades: Water Black and Water Brown, two catalogue shades, protect the lashes’ perfection and long curls from the water. 

The limited edition Water Turquoise shade is available in the same packaging as Phenomen’Eyes Waterproof, but features a frangipani blossom stylised in metallic blue. Other products available in the range include: Nail Lacquer, Blusher, Lipstick, Lip Gloss, Tan Enhancer and Powder Compacts. 

I am loving the invention of their mascara wand, I assume that constant rotation wont be needed The new range is available now from counters nationwide and is priced between £12.50 and £32.50.


Watch my video review of Hypnose Precious Cells Mascara

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21 May 2010


Queen of natural looks, Laura Mercier recently introduced their limited-edition Zen Face Palette. This palette includes colourful fresh shades for eyes, lips and cheeks in one convenient compact. The compact includes four eye colors, four lip glosses and one blush selected by Laura herself. The palette is inspired by a serene garden. I am loving the packaging, its cool, neat, with a hit of colour.

What could be more perfect than having all your make up in one handy compact?

Its great for great day looks for work, to evening look for a date  It is conveniently priced at £40 from Space NK.

Eye Colors:
  • Willow
  • Haze
  • Wisteria
  • Midnight Jade

Lip Glazes:
  • Black Currant
  • Lotus Bloom
  • Stone Beige
  • Peach Blossom

Cheek Color:
  • Plum


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20 May 2010


NARSISSISM #4-Marcel says:

"Matte skin always looks beautiful and clean. After foundation, apply a translucent loose powder with a powder puff and buff away any  excess with a large, soft brush. This will create a luminous, satin finish rather than a dry, powdery surface."

Stay tuned for the final Marcel Narsissism, coming within the next week! Can’t wait? Head to our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter for more exclusive Marcel quotes and photos.

NARS Pro Prime launches nationwide on the 1st June 2010

19 May 2010


Last month I blogged about how excited I was about the new Sanctuary Spa Body Butter. When it arrived I was so excited to use it.

My first impressions of the packaging was simple, which I like, I mean take a look at Eve Lom's Packaging, my ultimate cleanser. So I assumed the same for the Sanctuary Spa Body Butter, simple packaging, extraordinary product, but was I wrong. However when I looked around the tub, I thought the packaging hadn't been completed. It had no indications that it was a new product.

Does that look finished to you?

As I opened to smell the contents, it was heavily perfumed, it wasn't bad, but for me it can  sometimes be off putting. 

Personally I prefer naturally scented moisturisers but hey I was trying not to judge a book, well a moisturiser in this case, by its cover!

Whilst warming the product in my palms it had a watery  texture to it. Although it was smooth and soft on my skin, it had a gummy residue. As my hopes for this product withered, I thought I would give it a second chance to prove itself, but to my surprise it didn't live up to my expectations.

Smells nice
its a good moisturizer, just not for people with dry skin

Watery texture
Not a buttery feel to the texture
Doesn't sink in to the skin
Sticky after feel

After trying a gazillion moisturizers to combat my dry skin. It saddens me to say that the search continues!

18 May 2010


I was invited by Thermage and Fraxel to attend their Best Friends For Ever Awards which was a launch party in a lovely central London private bar/club, this was in celebration of thier new facebook campaign.

I had so much fun, here a few of the pictures from the night

Back to the real reason I posted this blog post today! Thermage and Fraxel are the two leading treatments for skin tightening and skin resurfacing, and are excited to be announcing the Best Friends Forever (BFF) Facebook contest. This is an opportunity for you and your best friend to enter to win the ultimate red carpet beauty regimen that celebrities have been turning to for years. It’s no secret that many stars have a little help when it comes to maintaining their flawless appearance, but now you and your best friend can join this exclusive club and receive the same red carpet treatment. For the next six weeks, you can visit the Thermage & Fraxel Facebook page to submit a photo and story about you and your BFF to become eligible to win a custom Thermage &Fraxel treatment package worth £5,000.

Four sets of winners will be selected based on stories they submit via Facebook, including what makes this person your best friend and your favourite memories together. Just like you and your best friend, Thermage and Fraxel bring out the best in each other; these non-surgical treatments are your skin’s best friends for total rejuvenation and are the ultimate celebrity makeover. 

To enter click here

Best of luck!

Web:     www.fraxel.com      www.thermage.com


First L'oreal drops Shu Uemura, and acquires Essie, Then then Lauder Group companies drop Prescriptive, to only find that Yesterday, Estee Lauder Companies announced that they will be acquiring Smashbox Cosmetics. Smashbox Cosmetics is very well known in USA but here in the UK it is only sold on QVC and Salon. The acquisition is expected to finish in July 2010. Below is a snippet from the press release…

The Estée Lauder Companies Inc. (NYSE: EL) announced today that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Smashbox Beauty Cosmetics, Inc., a privately held, photo studio-inspired prestige cosmetics company based in Los Angeles, California. The acquisition is expected to close in July 2010, subject to certain conditions, including regulatory approval. While terms of the deal were not disclosed, the Company said that the transaction is expected to be accretive to earnings in fiscal year 2011, before transaction and integration costs.
“The Estée Lauder Companies is the ideal home for Smashbox,” said Dean Factor, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Smashbox Beauty Cosmetics, Inc. “The Company possesses the scale and vision to help transition Smashbox into its next phase of growth, and its track record of nurturing and growing prestige brands is second to none. Moreover, we share a similar cultural heritage and dedication to consumer-inspired innovation and creativity. We expect to benefit greatly from The Estée Lauder Companies’ extensive knowledge in product development, operational execution, and international marketing and distribution, and we look forward to the next great period of growth for the brand.”
The Estée Lauder Companies will collaborate with the Smashbox organization to develop a comprehensive integration plan to transition Smashbox into The Estee Lauder Companies’ family after closing. Dean Factor, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Davis Factor, co-founder, Chief Creative Office and celebrity photographer, and Budd Taylor, President, will each play key roles with respect to these activities and the continued success of Smashbox. Smashbox will continue operating out of its Los Angeles, California office.

17 May 2010


The Cosmetics & Perfumery Retailers' Association (COPRA) held its annual lunch award ceremony last week. There are six awards relevant to products launched during the previous year: 

Best New Skincare Product/Range; Best New Makeup Product/Range; Best New Male Fragrance, national distribution; Best New Male Fragrance, limited distribution; The Look Award for Best New Female Fragrance, national distribution (voted for by the readers of Lookmagazine) and Best New Female Fragrance, limited distribution. As well as the Gordon Whitehead Award for personal contribution to the beauty industry, the final award is the Supplier Service Award for the company that the Copra members feel has given the best and most consistent service throughout the previous year.

Here is a full list of winners and nominees:
Best New Premium Skincare Product / Range:
Lancôme Genefique (Winner)
La Prairie Platinum Rare
Sisley Supremya

Best New Premium Cosmetic Product / Range:
Guerlain Rouge G Lipstick (Winner)
Benefit Smokin Eyes Kit

Best New Male Fragrance:
Diesel, Only The Brave (Winner)
YSL, La Nuit De L'Homme
Givenchy, Pi Neo

Best New Male Fragrance in Limited Distribution:
Tom Ford, Grey Vetiver (Winner)
Gucci, Gucci Pour Homme
Bond No 9, Harrods For Him

Best New Female Fragrance in Limited Distribution:
Narciso Rodriguez, Essence (Winner)Victor and Rolf, Eau Mega
Chanel, Cristalle Eau Verte

Look Magazine Award for Best New Female Fragrance:
Gucci, Flora (winner)Nina Ricci, Ricci Ricci
Boss Orange, Woman
Benefit ,Crescent Row
Armani, Idole
Marc Jacobs, Lola
D & G, Rose The One

Suppliers Service Award:


The Gordon Whitehead Award:
Simon Kippin – Publisher 
Glamour Magazine

*credits: Diary Directory


On Thursday I skipped down to London College of Beauty Therapy (LCBT) to participate in their free file and polish record breaker. I was stunned to see so many people thre, I saw a queue and that I am sure I will be out here for a while. To much of my surprise within a minute I was in, and had a seat. This could be because there were 100 nail technicians on the day. I have to say the nail technicians were friendly,quick and personable.

Congratulations to the LCBT Not only did they smash a fab 1897 file and varnishes in their record attempt but we also made £720 for the charity Wellbeing of Women!

Check out some of the pictures below

*pictures courtesy of LCBT


A Fresh, Feminine Floral to Energize Your Spirits From the Heart of NYC

There is new addition to the Be Delicious range which comes in the form of the DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom, an Apple Blossom blooms in New York City.
It been described as delicate beauty, with a feminine spirit.
The feeling of renewed optimism, joy and whimsy, as a flower springs to life, Amidst pavement, concrete and skyscrapers.

It’s a light-hearted moment to capture and cherish. DKNY celebrates the beauty of the city in springtime
With DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom, A scent so innocent, so fresh, so playful,
It lives up to the Apple Blossom itself – A symbol of love, youth, beauty and happiness,
Inhale its radiance, embrace its vibrancy.

The Fragrance
DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom is a light-hearted and intensely feminine, the scent is a mix of fruit and delectable flowers. A blend of sparkling grapefruit, cassis and sun-kissed apricot meets a heart of sheer muguet and petal rose, wrapped in luminous jasmine. The apple sensation finishes with a body-lingering base of blonde woods and smooth skin accords. You can’t help be instantly smitten – as will he.

The Packaging
The latest addition to the DKNY Be Delicious family, Fresh Blossom is bottled in the iconic silver-topped apple; only this time the glass bottom reveals juice that is a soft, sophisticated pink, reminiscent of an Apple Blossom. The carton is white with white sketched blossoms. A silver DKNY logo punctuates. For all the pink lovers its unabashedly pretty.

The Collection
DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom debuts with a limited edition shower gel infused with the Fresh Blossom scent. DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom is also wonderfully compatible and complimented by any of the original Be Delicious ancillary bath and body products.

DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom 100ml EDP                                       RRP £59.00
DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom 50ml EDP                                         RRP £42.00 
DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom 30ml EDP                                         RRP £30.00 
DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom Shower Gel 150ml                           RRP £20.00

         Web:   www.bedeliciousfragrance.co.uk



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