13 Dec 2014


As the temperature begins to drop even further, this is just one of the ways that I stay warm, stylish, and classic. My office is pretty chilled when it comes to attire, you get to wear anything I want. It's great to have limitless options, because it allows me to explore. This is an outfit I wore to work in the week.

Outfit Details

Eyelash Jumper dress ~ ASOS   * Gold Belt ~ ASOS  (similar)* Leggings ~ Primark * Boots ~ H&M (similar) * Bag ~ H&M (similar)

9 Dec 2014


Hey guys, Happy Tuesday. With the hustle and bustle of Christmas drawing near, it was best to get this highly requested video out so I don't get stoned for not getting it out in the year people asked. LOL. I'm sure you understand why I wasn't feeling blogging earlier this year.  

Anywho this is a video that I put up on Sunday, on how to do my everyday smokey eye. I hope you like it.

For links to anything mentioned, link the video to view all the info in the decription box.

6 Dec 2014


It’s hard to believe we’re already six days into December. Rewind eleven months and I can still remember the trails and tribulations I experienced earlier this year. However, it's almost over (and what a year it’s turned out to be). Anyway, before I begin to get sentimental, let’s be practical: gifts.

The countdown’s began and it’s time to think about gifts for those you love.  Well, you won’t have to worry too much because I've created a list of stylish yet useful Christmas gifts to consider - you can thank me later.

Enjoy and let me know if you decide to get any of the suggested!

1 / 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7/ 8 /9 /10 / 11/ 12

3 Dec 2014


The sun’s gone in so the tights come out. Just to be clear, I’m not talking lightweight transparent ones – it’s straight to thick, black insulators. Winter salvation can be found in 100 denier tights. We’ve all been there: you’ve got a beautiful dress and you're contemplating whether or not you should wear it because you’re not sure if you can hack the cold. Save yourself the hassle and purchase a pair of good quality insulating tights.

I’m apathetic about tights and usually get bored of them. During winter, they become routine like brushing my teeth. I don’t really think about them (mostly because there’s not much to think about… well, at least I thought) and always stick to black tights.

Lately, I’ve been learning more about wearing patterned and intricately designed tights. A brand I’ve come to respect is Wolford. Founded over 50 years ago, the Austrian brand makes luxury tights like no other. During the week, I went into their store for a casual browse and stumbled across a gem of woven luxury.

Their Felicitas tights are beautifully made. They are quite opaque, but the added small appliquéd bow detail drew me in. I also picked up the Linnea tights in black (there was a nude option but I wasn’t sure it would compliment my skin tone) featuring an elegant seam that finishes with an interwoven ribbon and bow. It’s a little sexy but in the most tasteful way.


1 Dec 2014


Earlier this month I was invited to Ristorante Frescobaldi, an Italian restaurant tucked away in Mayfair, London to sample a newly launched winter menu; the assorted tasting menu was created by head chef Roberto Reatini to celebrate Tuscany’s famed flavours and dishes. Whilst paying homage to traditional tastes, it also gives a nod to the future with unexpected contemporary twists.

To add to the authentic Italian experience, each dish on the menu was written in Italian. The evening started with ‘Insalata di barbabietole con crescione e pistachio’ (okay, so I didn’t know what this was either but you have to admit: everything sounds so romantic when it’s in Italian). Anyway, it translates as beetroot salad with watercress and pistachio. The pistachio flavour was subtle yet complimentary to the sweet beetroot. Although beetroot is not grown in Italy, it was a delicious starting dish. I was very surprised by this dish as there were different variations of beetroot, both in taste (some of them were so light in colour and sweetness - I kept asking if it was all beetroot) texture and colour. Accompanying my beetroot salad was a 2013 Pomino Bianco (a fresh, light white wine made from chardonnay and white wine).

For my main, I had linguine with Lobster and chilli. The linguine was al dente (slightly too hard for me but I guess any pasta cooked the Italian way is going to slightly hard…I can’t complain though, I was looking for an authentic experience after all). One first look of the dish, I felt guilty because I was about to eat carbs, which I tend not to. However the first bite removed all guilt. The second wine of the night was a 2013 Attems Ramato (another white wine which was slightly bitter…not really a fan of it but if you like the taste of copper – seriously, ‘ramanto’ translates as copper, then it’s worth a try).

For dessert, an apple and walnut cake with cinnamon ice cream reminded me why winter is special: because of flavours and combinations like this. It’s described as a tarte but it’s a nice piece of cake. Finally, my experience was sealed with a 2007 Vinsanto Natural, a sweet dessert wine which tasted a little like rum.

Image Credit

I had so much fun giggling away, enjoying the food, and just staring at the décor - they practically kicked me out!

The interior is so well designed and it’s a great space with a quite and peaceful atmosphere; I'm definitely thinking of bringing my boyfriend here (thank God he doesn’t read my blog). Give it a try if you're a lover of luxury dining and Italian food with a modern twist.

Ristorante Frescobaldi London
15 New Burlington Place,

Do you enjoy Italian dishes?

28 Nov 2014


Thanksgiving is about being thankful and oh am I thankful for Black Friday. As in it's actually starting to hit the UK. I thought I'd show what I've had my eyes on over at Topshop. I've got plenty of discount codes for you, plus I'll be tweeting all the new exclusive codes that pop up over from today and the weekend. I've also updated my shop page to with some goodies. I'll also try and update it throughout the day.

75% OFF
Kurt Geiger - 75% off
Uniqlo - 70% - Free Shipping

70% OFF

50% OFF

25 Nov 2014


Well hello there! I've been shopping recently and I thought I'd put it into a video for you!  Just in case you didn't know.  I would love if you could head over and subscribe. Thanks a billion guys :) 


Banana Republic Colbalt Blue Trench Coat ~ http://fave.co/1xGfriq // Similar here: http://fave.co/1xGfHxI // http://fave.co/1xGgrTJ // http://fave.co/1ura2FV // Cheaper Alternative: http://fave.co/1uralR6

Banana Republic Trench Coat Blog post: http://www.wandesworld.com/2014/11/ootd-banana-republic-trench-coat.html

H&M Boots ~ http://fave.co/14VHTgX Similar: http://fave.co/14VHTgX // http://fave.co/1urc6xI // http://fave.co/1xGj1sM // http://fave.co/1xGijf9 // http://fave.co/1xGjlrs // http://fave.co/1xGitDf

H&M Tan Bag: Sold out :(. Similar here http://fave.co/1xGjWcz // http://fave.co/1urdSPa

H&M Leopard Print Jumper sold out :C Similar here: http://fave.co/1uresfN // http://fave.co/1xGlsLM // http://fave.co/1uremVu

H&M Bag ~ http://fave.co/1urfuZk Similar here: http://fave.co/1urficF

H&M Bow Shoes ~ http://fave.co/1urgoVQ similar here: http://fave.co/1xGmNCs

H&M Gloves ~ http://fave.co/1urgA7s similar here: http://fave.co/1urgGvE

ASOS ~ Black Cat Eyes Sunglasses http://fave.co/1urhJf5 similar here: http://fave.co/1uri7u3

ASOS ~ Tortoise Cat Eye Sunglasses http://fave.co/1urh8dp similar here: http://fave.co/1urigOh

ASOS Black Leather Skirt ~ http://fave.co/1xGqY16 

ASOS Burgandy Leather Skirt ~ http://fave.co/1xGqY16

ASOS Trench Coat sold out :( Similar here http://fave.co/1xGsf8t

River Island Blue Wrap Blouse ~ http://fave.co/1rKvV1L

River Island Purple Wrap Blouse ~ http://fave.co/1rKvNQ2

River Island White Wrap Blouse ~ http://fave.co/1wSh2kj

River Island Black Wrap Blouse ~ http://fave.co/1rKvRPK

White Shirt Collar Bib ~ http://fave.co/1Ec1AmA

Denim Shirt Collar Bib ~ sold out :(

River Island Camel Double Breasted Long Line Coat ~ http://fave.co/1xkE9UQ

Camel Coat Blog Post: http://www.wandesworld.com/2014/11/the-camel-coat.html


Lips ~ Ellis Faas: Creamy Lips L102 ~ http://fave.co/1urmh5e
Blouse ~ similar http://fave.co/1urmVzD
Nails ~ Shellac Hollywood: http://fave.co/1xGvgW7
Hair ~ http://www.wandesworld.com/2014/11/hair-my-olivia-pope-hair.html

What was your favorite piece of clothing?

22 Nov 2014


The questions have come flooding in about my hair. Have you relaxed your hair? Are you wearing hair extensions? How did you get the hair to blend? When is the post about your hair going to be up. Well, I can answer the last question! This is the post! LOL.

So I was getting sick of my top knot bun, and couldn't see myself with super long hair. This hairstyle is inspired by Olivia Pope from the hit TV show scandal. Clearly I'm obsessed with her hair, her style her attitude minus her man troubles of course.

My hair is from here, and it closely matches my own hair as it's an Italian Yaki texture. 1B.  It was cut and styled by Hannah of Honey Hand. You know that's my go to hair salon.

If you've got any questions, please feel free to comment or email me and I'll be happy to answer any further questions.

Do you like my new hair style?

20 Nov 2014


Considering I work in advertising, it’s probably no surprise watching adverts bring me pleasure. Recently, there’s been a particular one that’s caught my eye: an advert by Morrocanoil. I first saw the Moroccanoil campaign on YouTube. When it came on before a video, I didn’t even want to press skip as I was so intrigued to see the film, which is directed by Byrce Dallas Howard.

This campaign got me thinking about the great women who inspire me to turn my dreams into reality. My external influences would be Beyoncé, Oprah, and Tyra Banks (all of whom I’m very fortunate to be related to...Cough). Mainly, they’re the source of my inspiration because these women built their success from scratch. Self propelled and powerful, all they had was a dream and an opportunity, and they ran with it until they became household names. 

I won’t spoil it for you, but it follows 6 beautiful women on their respective journeys to turn inspiration into action. Although their stories are all different, they are united by their achievements, beauty and Moroccan oil’s celebration of women.

My internal influence has to be my girls. I don’t talk much about them on here, neither have I mentioned them in any video. I have 4 main girls who are literally there for me every step of the way. I have to say that there’s a new addition to this group, making it 5 girls now. I hope she doesn’t mind me mentioning her. Everyday she inspires me to keep going like never before. I’ve been going at 100 miles an hour over the last 3 months, and quite frankly she’s been the driver.

*This post has been sponsored by Morrocan Oil, but all thoughts are our own.

Who inspires you?

19 Nov 2014


With Christmas just around the corner, I'm on a quest to create a drink that could become the festive staple. I know it's early but I've been thinking of what I'm going to prepare for Christmas. Yes - it's going to be the usual Turkey, but what about the drinks?

When it comes to entertaining friends and family, sangria is the perfect cocktail for any celebration. I'm going to make a large batch ahead of time, so all the flavours infuse with each other.

This recipe isn't any old recipe, it contains an ingredient I've been looking into over the last few weeks: Kombucha. It's a fermented drink that originates from China made up of sweetened black and/or green tea. I love the flavour and the fizziness because it tastes like something between sparkling apple cider and champagne.

It’s pretty indulgent but the high level of healthy bacteria, which is good for our guts, redeems it. So technically speaking typing it’s a little detox when you combine Kombucha with alcohol (okay, so here’s a disclaimer: I’m not sure how true this claim is, but it makes for a good reason to try, right?). If you're not the experimenting type, you can try it with sparkling water. No matter where they’re from, let’s admit it: bubbles are always a nice addition.

Since I have a sweet tooth, I made the sangria with gorgeous warming spices for added taste and flavour. Plus, each glass is a stunning work of art with the various floating fruit and the clove-studded orange garnish. The real reason I'm in love with this concoction is for its chilled, refreshing and bubbly adaptation of mulled wine. A comforting treat with added fizz!
1 bottle white wine (I use Sauvignon Blanc)
3-4 apples, any variety
2 oranges, sliced into thick rounds
2 whole cloves
2 cinnamon sticks
1 cup fresh or frozen cranberries
1/2 cup pure cranberry juice, no sweetener added
1 cup apple cider, no sweetener added
1/4 cup brandy
1/4 cup raw honey (or any other sweetener you prefer)
1 -2 bottles Kombucha (or sparkling water)


1. Add all of the ingredients except the kombucha to a large pitcher or sangria bowl. Stir it up until the honey has dissolved. Leave it to sit overnight in the refrigerator, to let the flavours infuse with each other.

2. When serving, layer some fruit into each glass then pour. Top each glass with a generous swig of your favorite kombucha (or sparkling water) and give it a stir. 

3. Pierce the orange slices with cloves by poking the oranges with a tooth-pick to create a hole, then stuff a clove into it.

4. Garnish with a clove-studded orange wedge. Enjoy!

What's your favourite alcohol drink for this time of year?



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